Jodhpur: Prisoners hid Gutka Zarda pouches in genitals, 14 packets recovered from three prisoners

In Jodhpur jail, inmates hid Gutka and Jarda pouches in their penises. Police recovered 14 packets from him.
Jodhpur: Prisoners hid Gutka Zarda pouches in genitals, 14 packets recovered from three prisoners

Jodhpur, March 9. In Jodhpur Central Jail, a case has come to light in which the yolks and pouches of Pan Masala were hidden in the genitals of the inmates. During the operation, 14 packets were recovered from three prisoners, including 28 packets of Pan Masala and a pouch of yolk. All three packs were hidden in the anus by the three prisoners. A case has been registered against the three at Ratnada police station in Jodhpur. According to the information received, the inmates in the jail were being taken to the barracks from the industries after the completion of the work. Meanwhile, the young man stationed there was searching everyone. The activities of the three were found suspicious. On which all three were reviewed in detail.

Something suspicious was found in his penis and he was taken to a prison dispensary. There, sonography confirmed that there was some substance in her abdomen. The prisoners were taken one by one to the toilet, where bags containing gutkha and paan masala were found in their stomachs. According to the information received by the police, four gram sachets of Pan Masala came out of the stomach of Cady Ramesh, a resident of Jowali village in Rani police station area of ​​Khuli district. Out of Maknaram’s stomach came 28 bags of Pan Masala and one bag of Yellow in 5 sachets.

Had already been recovered.

Suspicious items have been recovered from the private parts of the inmates at Jodhpur Central Jail several times in the past. Three-and-a-half years ago, three mobile phones were also recovered from the genitals of a prisoner. After which a case was registered at Ratnada police station. The prisoner was taken to Gandhi Hospital on a complaint of abdominal pain, from where three mobile phones were removed from his abdomen.

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