Jodhpur, May 10. After a rape case was registered against Rohit Joshi, son of Minister of State for Water Mahesh Joshi, at Delhi’s Saddar Bazar police station, now voices of protest are being raised in the Congress itself. Divya Madrana, daughter of Congress MLA and former Water Resources Minister Mahipal Madrana from Ocean, has gone against Rohit Joshi and in favor of the victim. Divya Madrana in four tweets has questioned the functioning of Rajasthan Police and advocated for the protection of the victim’s family. Divya has also raised questions about not registering a case in Rajasthan.

Divya tweeted that since June 1, 2019, the Rajasthan government had directed to register an FIR in the SP office for not registering a case in the police stations. The Chief Minister had also directed to conduct a departmental inquiry against the concerned SHO for refusing to register the complaint of the complainant. FIR No. Zero has been registered in Saddar Bazar police station and investigation is still going on. I have a serious question from the police administration as to why Rajasthan police did not register this FIR. Order immediate departmental inquiry against SHOs who refuse to register DGPFIR. Divya further wrote – DGP and Rajasthan Police provide security to the victim and her family at their ancestral residence in Rajasthan. Our government is very sensitive but the police should take immediate action. This case has raised serious questions about the working style of Rajasthan Police.