क्रिकेट के रोमांच से भरपूर है जनवरी 2022, देखें शेड्यूल

January 2022 is full of cricket adventures, see schedule

Mumbai – The new year begins with the beginning of January. And, even in this new year, the excitement of cricket is not diminishing. Cricket is the only cricket in January. You don’t have time to watch so many matches and series. So what’s the worry?

Bangladesh’s New Zealand tour: In the style of cricket, 2022 will start with the first Test match between Bangladesh and New Zealand. The first match of the series between the two teams will be held on January 1-5. The second and final Test of the series will be played in Christchurch on January 9-13.

India’s tour of South Africa: The Indian team is on a tour of South Africa, where it will play three Tests and three ODI series. The first Test series between the two countries is being played, the first match being played between 26-30 December 2021. But now the rest of the matches will be in January 2022. The second match of the Test series will be played between India and South Africa on January 3-7 in Johannesburg, and the third and final match will be played on January 11-15 in Cape Town. After the Tests, three matches of the ODI series will be played on January 19, 21 and 23.

England tour of Australia (Ashes) England tour Australia to play 5 Test match Ashes series. The first 3 matches of this series were held in December 2021. And, the remaining two matches will be held in January 2022. The fourth Test of the Ashes series will be played at Sydney Cricket Ground on January 5-9 and the fifth and final Test will be played on January 14-18 in Hobart.

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Ireland West Indies Tour: In January 2022, the Irish team will travel to the West Indies to play 3 ODIs and 1 T20 series. The ODIs will be played on January 8, 11 and 14 in Jamaica. The only T20 match will be played on January 18 in Jamaica.

Australia New Zealand tour: The New Zealand team will be in Australia from the end of January to the first week of February to participate in the Chapel-Hadley Trophy. The tour will be part of a three-match ODI series starting January 30.

England tour of West Indies: England will travel to the West Indies with the intention of playing a series of 5 T20 matches. The first T20 match between the two teams will start on January 22. Apart from this, the remaining 4 matches will be on January 23, 26, 29 and 30.

Pakistan Super League: The IPL may have a start time, but from January 27, 2022, the next season of Pakistan Super League i.e. PSL is about to start. Its 7 matches will be held between 27-31 January.

Big Bash and Super Smash: The thrill of the Australian T20 League Big Bash has continued since December 2021. This thrill will continue in January 2022. The final match of the Big Bash will be on January 28, 2022. On the other hand, the final match of the Super Smash of the New Zealand T20 League starting from November 2021 will be held on 29 January.

Lots of excitement in women’s cricket too: The England women’s cricket team will tour Australia in January 2022 with the sole intention of playing a Test match. This test will be held between 27-30 January. After that, West Indies women’s team will travel to South Africa with the intention of playing 3 T20 and 5 ODI series. The T20 series matches will be held on January 18, 20 and 22. The first three matches of the ODI series will be played on January 25, 26 and 31.

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