Poonch forest fire: A forest fire broke out near the LoC in Poonch, Jammu and Kashmir. As a result, many landmines have exploded. A fire broke out across the LOC on Monday. Slowly moved towards the Indian border. Authorities have provided this information. Half a dozen landmines exploded due to the fire. The mines were laid near the LoC to prevent terrorists from infiltrating. Terrorists can now infiltrate the area by taking advantage of fire and smoke. Troops are trying to contain the blaze with the help of the army.

High wind fire

Forester Kunar Hussain Shah said the fire was contained. The fire broke out again in Darmashal block on Wednesday and spread due to strong winds. Upon reaching the border, the fire was brought under control with the help of army. A large fire has also erupted near the border in Sundar Bani area of ​​Rajouri district. It spread to the forest areas of Naka, Panjgray, Brahma and Moghla. A fire broke out in Klar, Ranchal and Changi forests of Kolkata. The fire broke out across the border, officials said. Then the area near the LOC spread to Upper Kundgi and Dock Building. The fire has been extinguished. No casualties were reported.

Fire spread in Jammu.

Fires also broke out in fields near the international border in Jammu. The fire spread to the BSF’s Bailey Azmat border post several kilometers away. However, it has been overcome. At the same time, due to a forest fire near Koti, the pilgrimage to the shrine of Mata Vishnu Devi and Katra has been stopped on the new route. The journey continues in the traditional way.