Is it possible for an already pregnant woman to become pregnant again?

New Delhi: Can a woman get pregnant once in a while? Strange as it may sound, it can happen. This condition of being twice pregnant is called superfatation. Although the incidence of superfitness is very rare, its potential cannot be ruled out.

Superfatation occurs when a second pregnancy occurs. In this, a few days or weeks after the onset of the first pregnancy, the ovum of the pregnant woman comes in contact with the sperm and is re-fertilized, resulting in the onset of a new pregnancy. Babies born from superfatation are often considered twins because they are born together or on the same day.

Superfatation occurs in most animals such as fish, rabbits. This is very unlikely in women. Most cases of superfatation occur in women receiving IVF treatment. Pregnancy occurs through sperm fertilized eggs. A second egg is fertilized in superfatation and implanted separately in the womb.

Superfatation occurs when a woman ovulates during pregnancy. However, this is not possible because hormones secreted during pregnancy prevent further ovulation. That is why such cases do not usually come. Once conceived, the uterus does not have enough space for another fetus, so superfetation is not easily possible.

During fertility treatment, the fertilized embryo is transferred to the woman’s uterus. If a woman ovulates a few weeks after the procedure and her eggs are fertilized, an overdose develops.

Symptoms of superfatation – Very rare cases of superfatation, so no specific symptoms were found. In this case, during the checkup, the doctor can only know that the fetus is developing at different times in the womb. The position of both fetuses is clearly visible during the ultrasound.

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Difficulties in Superfatation – The biggest problem with Superfatation is that babies develop at different stages during pregnancy. As the time for the delivery of one child arrives, the other embryos do not develop properly during this time. This increases the chances of premature birth of another child.

Babies born prematurely can have problems such as shortness of breath, weight loss, difficulty feeding and even brain hemorrhage. Superfatation can also cause problems in pregnant women such as high blood pressure and diabetes. To avoid this condition, avoid intercourse after pregnancy.

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