IRCTC Goods Rules Indian Railways will now impose heavy fines on passengers for carrying more than the allowable amount of goods. The IRCTC states that if you are caught carrying extra luggage without booking, you will now have to pay a penalty of 6 times the normal rates. According to the rules of the railways, depending on the class the passenger is traveling in, the passenger can carry 40 kg to 70 kg of heavy luggage in the train compartment but if more luggage is carried then extra charge may be levied. Is. Have to give.

Learn what is the principle of railways.

According to the Indian Railways, there is a limit for carrying goods for each class. If you are traveling in a sleeper coach, you can travel with luggage up to 40 kg. Also, if you are traveling in AC-2 tires, you can carry up to 50 kg of luggage. While in first class passengers can carry luggage up to 70 kg.

Find out how much the fine will be?

According to the new rules of IRCTC, if he carries more than 40 kg of luggage, he will have to pay a fine of Rs 654 for traveling 500 km. You have to do something to avoid this penalty. Before you go on a trip, buy a separate ticket for your luggage, for which you will have to pay only Rs. 109 and you will avoid fines.