Instagram is working on a template browser for Reels and adds a new subscribed tab

Over the years, Instagram has been known for its commitment to ensure the convenience of users through the introduction of friendly features to enhance the users experience.

Instagram Reels is one of the most popular and interesting features of the platform. The feature was first launched in 2020, and since then, the firm has been adding more exotic particles to improve the user experience.

In April this year, we reported that the social networking service is rolling out 90-second long reels similar to the 3-minute TikTok feature. However, when the reels were launched, the videos were just 15 seconds long. However, with the 90 second long upgrade, it is now appreciable.

However, as we just discovered in a Twitter post by the popular trusted Instagram leaker, the firm is currently working on a template browser for Reels. Once the new features Template Browser feature is rolled out, users will be able to replace the clips in these reels with their own photos and videos.

Apart from this, the firm is also reportedly working on adding a new subscribed tab. Here users will be able to know what they know through their contacts under the new subscribed tab.

Instagram Reels allows users to share their reels via direct message, on a story, or in a dedicated space on the Explore page. Similarly, reels appear on the Explore page, just like TikTok videos, so people who don’t even follow you will be able to see your reels. This means whether or not you have a sizable audience, your clips can be discovered by the wider community – based purely on engagement.

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Additionally, reels can be created by uploading videos from your collection or by recording a sequence of clips one by one. By pressing and holding the capture button, you can record the first clip. As you record, a progress bar will be displayed at the top of the screen. Stay tuned to Techgenzy for the latest tech news.