New Delhi – In an interview with former Kiwi cricketer Ian Smith, Mike Hesson said that if Williamson wanted to get rid of elbow pain, the only treatment was surgery. “I think Williamson has reached a point where surgery is the only option,” Hesson said. I know Williamson will be very upset because he has been given a lot of rest and his elbow is still not healed. Williamson has missed many matches in the last 18 months.

Hesson added: “Williamson recently suffered a hip injury but his elbow injury has been going on for some time. I think he has to choose a time and have an operation. If he stays away from cricket for now, he will be completely free from injury.

Why Williamson could not play Mumbai Test due to injury. Why Williamson’s elbow pain reappears and the team management gives him a rest. As a result, a bunch of New Zealand batting cards in Mumbai. Why Williamson’s elbow pain is coming back again and again. Former New Zealand coach Mike Hesson has expressed concern over this. Mike Hesson thinks the Kiwi captain should leave cricket for now.

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