IMP for Health: Can Oral Sex Increase the Risk of HIV-AIDS?

MUMBAI: The risk of transmitting HIV through oral sex is lower than through vaginal or anal sex, but it cannot be said that the risk of STD or HIV through oral sex is very low or very low. According to a report, the rate of oral sexually transmitted infections is 0-4 in 10,000 cases. However, you can get HIV if you have oral sex with a positive man or woman.

The HIV virus is transmitted between the two partners when one person’s fluid comes in contact with another person’s bloodstream. This contact occurs due to cuts in the skin, vagina, anus, forehead or open parts of the penis. However, in oral sex the mouth and tongue are used to stimulate or arouse the partner, so there is no risk.

Even if the mouth, mucus and skin are cut off or if there is any kind of injury or if there is any sore or ulcer in the mouth or jaw, you can be infected with HIV despite being infected. The risk of infection in both men and women is reduced if the HIV-infected patient is treated for 6 months.

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