If you want to enjoy a physical relationship after marriage, try these ways

New Delhi – In order to strengthen the physical relationship, you have to enjoy sex in different places and in different places of the house. Various experiments can be done to create arousal in sexual life. Today we are going to tell you about one thing which, if used properly, will double your fun.

To use a wet towel, first soak the towel in warm water, then dip the towel in the place of irrigation during foreplay. If a drop of hot water suddenly falls on your body, you will be in a good mood. These wet towels are very helpful to stimulate each other.

One partner may use a wet towel with warm water and the other may use ice at the same time. By doing this you will get a lot of pleasure from the feeling of hot and cold water during intercourse. Also, you can massage your partner with a warm towel.

If you use any word against your partner among your male friends, you will be punished. No matter what you say softly to their ears, they do not need to be heard well. That means don’t use words like ‘co’, ‘ejaculation’ or ‘spirit’.

If your sweet things start to be naughty things, then pay a little attention. When talking about sexy or dirty, keep in mind that these words are rarely used. Speaking ‘breasts’ instead of breasts during intercourse can be bad. In fact, breasts can make women feel a little worse or less good.

Do not use medical language in the bedroom. Especially the magic wand should stay away from words. Rather call it gender. Smile at your own stupidity when you use such words.

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Sometimes men talk a little too much and want to cheer, but never say I will eat you. Instead, say what you want to say. According to surveys, for good sex, you need to pay attention to your words.

If you want to support them, you have to get these words out of your mind. According to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, the word vizai is more popular than any other word during sex.