Adolescent gang rape in Hyderabad: A shocking incident has come to light from Hyderabad. 5 minors raped a girl in a Mercedes. One of the accused is said to be the son of an MLA. However, police have not confirmed his involvement. He said that the accused were students of class XI to XII. Everyone’s background is impressive. The incident took place on May 28. The victim’s father had lodged a complaint against the accused on June 1. Police have registered a case under Section 354 of the IPC and the Pokso Act. No arrests have been made yet.

The victim went to the party.

The 17-year-old victim reportedly went to a high-profile party on May 28. The party was hosted by her friends at the Amnesia and Insomnia Pub. The accused, who met him at the pub, told him, “They will leave him at home. She got in the car. In which three or four boys were already present. The girl has scars on her body. He is in shock after the incident. He is unable to explain the incident.

The boys beat him.

The officer investigating the case said that when the car stopped in a deserted place, the boys started beating the girl. The accused had gone to a pastry shop before committing the crime.

Identification of an accused

According to police, in addition to the MLA’s son, the party also had the son of the chairman of the minority board. The girl has so far identified one accused. After the victim’s statement, the police changed the section and registered a case of abuse and started investigation. People involved in the party and those working there have been questioned to identify the accused.

Special teams were formed.

West Zone DCP Joel Davis said the victim could not identify the culprits. He showed only one name. Special teams have been formed to arrest him. We have identified 5 culprits according to the CCTV footage and the victim’s statement. We can get specific lead for juvenile offenders. We haven’t been able to catch it since it’s night, hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to catch it. He is the son of a VIP. There were many allegations against the MLA’s son in the media. According to the victim’s statement, CDR analysis and CCTV footage, he was not among the five. We are still investigating further evidence.