HUAWEI P50 Pro “5G Communication Shell” Released

The Huawei P50 Pro mobile case can compensate the device for the fastest network.

However, after seeing this, the combination of fiction and nonfiction has not been a successful partner. According to Guangxi Unicom, the world’s first mobile cover tagged “5G communication case” was officially launched. It can significantly convert 4G mobile phone to 5G in few seconds through eSIM technology.

It was just a thought till now, while you waited for your favorite phone to hit the market, it is happening out of nowhere to shock everyone. It has been said that 5G communication The Back Cover is developed and manufactured by Soylink, the product weighs approximately 52 grams and has a thickness of about 3.2 mm.

It is made with matching light brown color and skin-friendly leather material. Of course, it will not completely affect the user experience after putting it on the device, and it is not easy to be tainted by fingerprints. When it comes to usage, you should follow some guidelines before streaming 5G in your device.

You need to install a supporting mobile phone, then there will be a pop-up window that will guide you to open the world faster. You can experience 5G after opening China Unicom eSIM service. According to the previous information, the eSIM network signal of the mobile phone “5G communication shell” will be shown in the mobile phone signal tab which usually shows the signal strength.

In addition, it will not cause any chaos for the two network signals. In addition, according to the official website of Shuyuan Technology, the 5G communication shell will come with dual-core 1.35GHz CPU, which rounds off the three major operators. It supports dual-mode 5G SA/NSA frequency bands. It has a USB-C charging port at the bottom of the case to support super-fast charging. It will cost you around RM 519 (approximately Rs 9,178).

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