How to wear a scarf with curly hair

Curly hair is more challenging to maintain since it frequently lacks moisture and dries out quickly. Your hair follicles have an impact on how curly your hair is. More oval or asymmetrical follicles are more common in people with curly hair. Of course, your genetics have a role in this.

If you have curly hair and love to wear a scarf for your hair, so here are the following ways for you to wear a scarf with curly hair:

Using a scarf, make a half top knot.

  • With your fingers, gather hair from your top and sides.
  • Like a half ponytail, hold it in one hand. Pass the elastic band over this portion of hair with your other hand.
  • Your hair should be bunned. Run the elastic band over the bun and twist it to hold it in place.
  • Cover the elastic band by tying the scarf at the base of the half-top knot.

Top Scarf

  • Your scarf is folded into a triangle. Hold the scarf by the sides, letting the downward-hanging tip in the center hang out.
  • Put the scarf over your head, so the triangle’s pointed end hangs behind your head.
  • Tie a knot in the sides by pulling them toward the rear.
  • You may double-knot the scarf or use safety pins to keep it from falling off if you think it’s too loose.

Top Knot With A Scarf

Top knots are pretty adaptable. They are ideal for social gatherings, working, and relaxing at home. A scarf just adds to the top knot’s elegant appearance.

  • Brush your hair with a comb and pull it back into a mid-ponytail if you want a tidy bun. Use an elastic band to hold your hair bun in place after bundling it. Cover the elastic band by tying the scarf at the base of the knot.
  • Tie your hair in a high ponytail with your fingers if you want an untidy appearance. Once around the ponytail with the elastic band. Pull your hair halfway through the band after twisting it, letting the ends hang loosely. Tie the scarf around the base of the top knot while holding it upright.
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Low Ponytail

One of the most traditional hairstyles ever is the low ponytail with a scarf. It is really simple to accomplish and looks beautiful.

  • Use a curling or straightening iron to create loose waves in your hair to give it more volume and structure.
  • Using your fingers, brush your hair back into a low ponytail, then tie it up with an elastic band.
  • Make a long band out of your scarf. Underneath the ponytail’s base, tuck the scarf’s center in. Lift the scarf’s ends and place them on the other side, wrapping them around the base of the ponytail. Before making a knot at the top, switch them once again.

Vintage Top Knot With Scarf

Do not worry if you are pressed for time! Here it is, the scarf! Something is alluring about retro fashion. The perfect vintage hairstyles are to die for.

  • Put an elastic band around the sloppy bun you’ve created with your hair.
  • To create a band, precisely roll your scarf from one pointed end to the other. The band should be an inch or an inch and a half wide.
  • Bring the ends of the scarf forward and place the middle along the back of your head. Put the ends together and twist them. One end is used to create a loop, while the other is folded as it passes through the loop. Tie a knot after bringing both ends around to the back of your head. Let the ends hang loosely.

Full Head Wrap

This gorgeous scarf style will give your kinky curls a much-needed break they require. This is the ideal illustration of how adding a scarf and a splash of color to your makeup can elevate an ensemble.

  • If you have short hair, simply secure it completely with bobby pins to prevent any snagging on the scarf. If you have long hair, pull it back into a bun.
  • Your scarf should be folded into a triangle.
  • Hold the scarf by the sides so the triangle’s downward-facing center is visible. The grasped ends of the scarf should be on each side of your head as you slide it over your head, with the pointed end falling in front of your face.
  • The held sides of the scarf should be crossed over, wound around one another, and knotted at the front. Allow your bangs to fall free if you have them.
  • If your scarf is long, turn the sides to the back after making the front knot and tie a second knot, tucking the ends inside the scarf.
  • Tuck the scarf’s pointed end inside by lifting it over the front knot.
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You never have to worry about your hair looking flat, limp, or lifeless like people with straight hair since curls simply give volume to it. There will always be that slight bit of volume that makes other people envious, even on days when you straighten your curls. We hope this article helps you to wear the scarf for your beautiful curly hair.