How To Translate YouTube Comments

The most popular video-sharing website is YouTube, and without a doubt, every YouTube user or producer encounters comments in many languages they cannot understand. You must have experienced this as well. As a creator, this is crucial since it enables interaction with viewers from many cultures that don’t share his language or writing ability.

How to translate youtube comments

You may improve the number of views and the authority of your channel by communicating with individuals from all various backgrounds. Accordingly, there are several ways to translate based on your device. The first is a new YouTube translation function that only works on mobile phones but enables direct translation of comments.

As a result, we may utilize a Chrome plugin for desktops that translates with only one click. The last approach is Google Translate, which can be used on both mobile devices and desktop computers to translate comments and, more significantly, to react to people in their native tongue. Let’s examine these techniques in more detail and discover how to use each.

How to translate comments on YouTube for mobile

Users can alternate between the original remark placed on a given video and the translated text. Users can instantaneously translate any remark on the YouTube app thanks to the new functionality. The translate button will be located above the options to like, dislike, and reply displayed in each comment box. With the launch of a new function, users of YouTube may now translate comments with only one click. It enables comment translation in more than 100 languages. To translate comments on YouTube for mobile devices, follow these steps:

  • Open the YouTube application on your smartphone.
  • Go to the comments area of your chosen video after opening it.
  • A translate button is below the remark, and the like, dislike, and responsive buttons.
  • Using the translate button, the remark will instantly be translated from one language into another. For instance, the choice would read “Translate to English” if you have English (United Kingdom) selected as the language (United Kingdom).
  • Click “See original” to return to the original remark.
  • The responses to the comments can be translated similarly as well.
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With the much-expected YouTube translation tool, you can quickly translate the comments and interact with a larger audience. Amazingly, YouTube recognizes comments in languages other than the one you’ve selected in your device’s or app’s settings.

You’ll always see a translation option underneath any foreign material so you can quickly and easily understand it. Since it won’t just translate the remark automatically, you must hit the translate button each time you wish to translate.

How to use a Chrome extension to translate YouTube comments on a desktop

We will use a chrome extension to translate YouTube comments on the desktop because it makes the process relatively straightforward. The Chrome extension uses the Google-Translate API we’ll install to translate YouTube comments with just one click instantly.

As a result, the translations are perfect replicas of what you would receive from Google Translate. The steps to translate YouTube comments using a Chrome Extension are as follows:

  • First, install the Chrome extension.
  • Click the “Add to Chrome” button in the blue box.
  • There will be a pop-up. Select “Add Extension.” You’ve successfully installed the Chrome extension this way.
  • Go to the comments area of any YouTube video that is currently open.
  • You will notice a “translate” option above each remark. When you click on it, your local language will be used to translate the remark.
  • Click “undo” if you want to view the original.

If the translate option is unavailable, try refreshing YouTube a few times and use the most recent Chrome version.

How to respond in a different language to comments on YouTube:

Google Translate will be used for this. Google Translate is one of the most well-known free internet translation tools with excellent accuracy. We’ll learn how to use Google Translate to translate YouTube comments and how to reply to comments in the user’s native tongue. Take the following actions, which are nearly the same for both desktop and mobile:

  • Visit the comments area of any video you like on YouTube.
  • Open Google Translate, then copy the content from a remark in a foreign language.
  • If you are aware of the language used in the remark, you may input it by selecting it from the drop-down menu above the box or by selecting “Detect Language” and then typing it into the search field.
  • Google Translate can automatically identify the language if you don’t speak it.
  • Select the language you wish to translate the remark into from the right-side box similarly.
  • Copy the comment’s text, and then paste it into the box on the left. In this manner, the comment’s translation will be available to you immediately.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+S or click the double arrow symbol to now change the language.
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