How to get rid of fruit flies

Fruit flies have the appearance of little reddish-brown insects. Probably around the fruit bowl, you’ll see them fluttering about your kitchen. Although fruit flies can enter through open windows, they are mostly brought in on fruit and vegetables from the grocery store. They penetrate fruit at the grocery store by any nicks or cuts on the fruit’s surface and lay their eggs in decaying food and sugary surfaces.

Can fruit fly infestations have an impact on my health?

You may be at risk of serious health issues if you ignore a fruit fly infestation. Fruit flies have a reputation for flying around and collecting germs, which they subsequently spread on fresh meals.

Manure and other excrements that may carry germs like E. coli are of special interest to them. The bacteria are then carried by them. Female fruit flies also inject batches of eggs into raw fruit after mating. The fruit becomes tainted as a result.

Ways to get rid of fruit flies

Here is the list of ways to get rid of fruit flies

Deep-clean your kitchen first

Throwing away anything on your kitchen counter is the first step in getting rid of fruit flies since they may have placed their eggs on ripe or rotting food. To prevent pest infestations, you should clean and store any fresh produce you bring home in the refrigerator.

You might want to take the garbage out more regularly since fruit flies could breed in your trash can, especially if it contains decaying food. Additionally, you should run hot water through your garbage disposal after grinding a few ice cubes to loosen any food particles that may be lodged within.

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Keep your kitchen as clean as you can for at least a week to stop female fruit flies from laying new eggs. Regularly wash down countertops to make sure the flies don’t discover any food leftovers.

Throw away food that is decaying or overly ripe.

Verify every product for rot, decay, and overripeness. To prevent female fruit flies from depositing their eggs on these surfaces, dispose of any suspect pieces.

Use apple cider vinegar to catch flies.

Fruit flies may be prevented from reproducing by cleaning your kitchen, but you’ll probably also want to get rid of the insects that are buzzing around your house. (You could just wait for them to disappear, but under the correct circumstances, they can survive for up to two weeks.) The simplest method to accomplish this is with a homemade fruit fly trap that you can create from supplies already in your cupboard.

Microwave the mixture for 20 seconds or so to increase the vinegar’s aroma. The bowl should then be placed in an area with a large fly population. The dish soap decreases the liquid’s surface tension, which will lead the insects to become attracted to the fragrance and trapped, where they will drown. You’ll start to see improvement in a few hours. Replace the solution when it starts to get saturated with dead flies.

Dish soap and apple cider vinegar are combined.

It is important to combine dish soap and vinegar thoroughly in a bowl. By lowering the surface tension of the liquid, the dish soap entices flies to explore the solution and become trapped inside as soon as they discover the stale sweetness of apple cider vinegar.

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Attempt wine or beer.

Another common do-it-yourself solution is to catch the flies in a bottle; a bottle of beer, fruit juice, or wine that has all of the liquid removed works nicely. After covering the bottle’s opening with a rubber band and plastic wrap, make many small holes in the top. The growing grapes’ attractive perfume will entice the flies inside, where they will become stuck and eventually die. Put an old wine or beer bottle adjacent to the location where fruit flies were seen. They will be drawn in by the sour liquid, but the bottle’s narrow neck acts as a physical deterrent to keep them inside.

Make use of a chemical fruit fly spray.

When other commonplace solutions do not work, invest in one of these top-rated products.

Will fruit flies disappear by themselves?

Fruit flies only live for two weeks on average. As long as the infestation persists, you will keep receiving more every day, but don’t worry: Fruit flies often come in the summer, but their numbers will decline as the weather turns cooler. It’s better to get rid of them since they can spread bacteria, but if that doesn’t work you can wait them out.