How to delete sim card contacts

Every day, as is expected, we meet new people and save their phone numbers to our SIM or phone. This allows for the saving or storing of hundreds of contacts on a single SIM card. To sell your old Android phone and replace it with the newest One, you may need to permanently wipe SIM contacts from your Android phone. The first thing to do in such circumstances is to wipe your Android phone, including any private files, completely.

It makes sense if you prefer to delete sim card contacts. You can organize your contact list with its assistance. Therefore, this post will outline a process for removing contacts from an Android phone’s SIM card.

Why is it necessary to delete or remove SIM card contacts from a phone?

Many times, we keep thousands of contacts. A SIM card’s limited storage capacity isn’t apparent until it’s used. You can save around 200–250 contacts if they are brief and uncomplicated. You must thus remove some unnecessary contacts from your SIM card to conserve space and manage your contact list.

SIM Contacts Can Be Removed in 7 Easy Steps

Since there are so many Android smartphones, practically all feature a method for deleting SIM card contacts. To erase SIM contacts on an Android phone, follow the step-by-step instructions.

  • Your phone’s Contacts app should be opened.
  • Tap and hold on to any touch.
  • There will be checkboxes in front of each contact.
  • Tap on a contact to mark it.
  • Press the select all button in the top screen corner to remove every contact from the list.
  • If it does not display, choose all by clicking the menu button in the top right corner.
  • Click the Trash icon in the upper right corner and confirm if prompted.
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However, there may occasionally be a problem with removing SIM contacts. The Contacts app regularly shows all contacts. This is a problem. Then, screening contacts becomes more challenging. Here is a technique to filter SIM contacts to delete or erase from the phone to address this issue.

Method 1: Delete Android’s SIM-Card Contacts Only

  • Tap on it to access Contacts.
  • In the top right corner, select More.
  • From the drop-down list, choose Customize view.
  • Select Customize.
  • A list of accounts must be visible at the bottom, including Google, WhatsApp, Hotmail, and SIM contacts.
  • After pressing on each account, take the checkmark from every box.
  • If available, choose SIM1 or SIM2, then click the SIM card selection.
  • Check the box next to All contacts, All other contacts, or My Contacts, depending on what’s available.
  • Press the back button once.
  • Mark one, several, or all contacts using the abovementioned techniques and remove them.

Method 2: Xiaomi phones with MIUI Open Contacts.

  • Tap the More icon in the top right corner.
  • Select alterations.
  • Toggle the icon to Show SIM contacts to On if it is on.
  • Utilize the Setup contacts list button to create a contacts list.
  • Decide on one of your two SIM cards to use.
  • By clicking the back button twice, you may reopen Contacts.
  • Depending on your chosen setting, you should now only see SIM contacts from SIM1 or SIM2.
  • Discard the contacts with the methods mentioned above.

Method 3: Third-party apps are a good choice.

You may manage your Android phone’s contact list or remove unneeded contacts by installing applications from the Google Play Store. Examples are SIM Contacts Manager, SIM Contacts, SIM Contacts, and SIM Card Information. However, we do not advise making use of any of the outside programs to remove SIM contacts.

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How Can I Delete SIM card contacts?

The quickest way to eliminate all SIM contacts is to order a new SIM card. It is only advised to carry out when none of your previous SIM connections are necessary. iCloud or tools like Easy Backup for Android may always be used to back up your contacts.

With One Click, Delete All Contacts from an Android Device

Try MobiKin Assistant for Android or Assistant for Android, the most exemplary Android data manager, to erase contacts from an Android SIM card with a single click if you don’t want to remove contacts from your Android phone one at a time. Additionally, before removing a contact, you may examine their information with Assistant for Android, not just their phone number.

Additionally, this Android management program enables you to change current contact information, create new contacts, and back up contacts to a computer. It is also possible to transfer contacts between Android phones.

Steps for Using Assistant for Android to Delete All Contacts from an Android Phone:

  • On your PC, download and install MobiKin Assistant for Android.
  • Start the application, then use a USB cord to connect your Android phone to this computer. Enable USB debugging on the device, and the software will quickly recognize it.
  • All of the contacts on your Android phone will be listed when you select the “Contacts” > “All Contacts” tabs from the program’s left sidebar.
  • Select “Delete” from the top menu, then check the boxes next to the contacts you wish to delete from your Android phone.
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