How to check ooredoo balance

Formerly known as Qtel, Ooredoo is a global telecom business headquartered in Qatar. Doha, the capital of Qatar, is home to its corporate headquarters. The business offers wireless mobile services and is active in local and foreign markets.

The first telecom firm in the world to introduce 5G services was Ooredoo in Qatar. With over 115 million users globally as of 2018, it is one of the biggest telecom providers in the world. Customers must understand how to check their balances because the company has an extensive consumer base. You may check the balance on your Ooredoo SIM card and the number of your outstanding bills in 3 ways:

OOREDOO USSD Codes to Check

USSD Codes to Check Ooredoo SIM Card Prepaid Balance. The Ooredoo network provides specific USSD codes that may be used to check balance offline. They are easy and convenient because no smartphone or internet connection is required; even an essential feature phone will do. Although specific Ooredoo codes in Qatar are not free, most do not result in fees. Notable Ooredoo USSD codes include the ones listed below:

  • To verify the legitimacy of the primary balance, enter *129#.
  • Check the bonus balance by dialing *129*2#.
  • To change the language of your Ooredoo voicemail, dial *100*1.
  • To deactivate/disable your Ooredoo voicemail, dial *100*400.
  • Call me back at this number: *103*mobile.
  • For credit transfers, enter *130*recipient Hala/Ooredoo number*amount#.

Methods for checking the OOREDOO balance

A telecommunications company founded in Qatar, Ooredoo was formerly known as Qtel. Doha, the capital of Qatar, is where its headquarters are situated. The company serves local and foreign markets and specializes in mobile cellular services. Here is the list of methods for checking the OOREDOO balance:

  • Via USSD code
  • Sending SMS
  • Using Ooredoo app
  • Through Whatsapp
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How to check ooredoo balance Using SMS to Check Bill Details in Ooredoo

It won’t be difficult for Ooredoo subscriber to check their billing information. Follow these straightforward steps:

  • Enter BAL SPE for English or BAL SPA for Arabic on your text messaging program.
  • Text 114 with this. This service is free.
  • You’ll get an SMS with information on your Ooredoo number bill.

How to check ooredoo balance Using the My Ooredoo App

You may check your call minutes, text message balance, and internet data balance using the mobile app from Ooredoo. It is incredibly user-friendly and performs many additional tasks than checking balance. The instructions for utilizing the My Ooredoo app to check your balance are as follows:

  • The program may be downloaded and installed from:
    • Play Store for Android.
    • iOS App Store.
  • Tip: By texting the word “App” to 114, you may also receive the My Ooredoo app download link. If you haven’t already, open the app and sign up using your Ooredoo number and password.
  • Enter your Ooredoo number and password to log in after that.
  • A dashboard will then show up. Select Services by tapping it.
  • A drop-down menu will then show up. Shahry Voice should be chosen.
  • Your remaining data balance and voice minutes will then be displayed on the screen.
  • Tapping the data balance option, you may get a detailed breakdown of your data consumption and its expiration date. The same holds for voice minutes.

How to check ooredoo balance Through WhatsApp Customer Support

With Whatsapp, Ooredoo provides a novel approach to checking your balance. The following steps from the customer support bot will assist you in developing your balance:

  • Enter the number 44144414 into your phone directory and save it.
  • To make the number easier to remember and list, rename it “Ooredoo Customer Care.”
  • Open WhatsApp and enter the name you saved within the search field.
  • Ask the bot any query, such as “What are the specifics of your balance?” and it will instantly display your balance.
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How to check ooredoo balance Using the My Ooredoo App, review Postpaid Bill Details

Recall how you used the My Ooredoo app to check your prepaid balance. You may do the same to look into the specifics of your postpaid billing, though. Take the quick actions listed below:

  • Download and set up the application.
  • If you haven’t previously registered for an account, open the app and log in using your Ooredoo number and password.
  • Log in with your Ooredoo number and password after registering.
  • After that, a dashboard will show the balance of your outstanding bills and their due dates. Additionally, you may view your text, voice, and data use.
  • When you select to see the bill, your most recent six bills and associated payments will be displayed in detail.


With Ooredoo Qatar, the strategies mentioned above are adequate. You may learn about your account balance using these techniques at any time and location without paying additional fees. While the USSD codes and SMS are free, the mobile application will only use a little bandwidth.

Moreover, Ooredoo has a WhatsApp function. When consumers check their account information, it offers a recognizable interface and series of processes. After all, texting and WhatsApp chats are highly popular today.