How to check FASTag Balance

Regardless of whether they are operating a personal or corporate vehicle, everyone needs a Fastag. If you don’t have a FASTag, you must pay a fine. You may check your FASTag balance in various methods, including online, by SMS, over the phone with customer care, using a mobile app, and more. Each technique consists of just a few easy steps.

How to check FASTag Balance

What is Fastag

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is used by FASTag, an online toll payment system, to enable the automated deduction of toll fees as a vehicle passes by the plaza. You can use the FASTag lane to bypass the long line and pay the appropriate toll when the toll station staff reads your tag.

Although FASTag has lately been more popular owing to its compulsion, many people may need to learn how to recharge it or monitor their balance. Let’s learn how to check the FASTag balance.

What Advantages Do FASTags Offer?

The following factors explain why FASTag is beneficial:

  • You will only need to slow down your car at the toll booths if you use FASTag technology. You will save time and gasoline by being able to continue driving through the toll gates rather than having to stop.
  • Using the FASTag may benefit from electronic payment and have a hassle-free driving experience for your trip while letting the FASTag handle all of your toll payments.
  • You will regularly receive in-app alerts and SMSs each time you make a payment using FASTag if you choose to utilize Paytm for this purpose. Additionally, your Paytm passbook allows you to keep track of your expenditures.
  • In the long term, the FASTag plant helps the environment since it uses less paper and gasoline.
  • Those who often travel can request their monthly standard passes converted to FASTag passes. There is an online application process for businesses and fleet owners to complete the same.
  • Paytm does not need you to recharge your FASTag on your phone, unlike several other digital wallets, which let you do so in a matter of minutes. When you cross a toll plaza, the toll tax amount will be immediately debited from your Paytm wallet as long as you have a minimum balance.
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Website for FASTag Balance Checking

You may view your FASTag balance online at the official FASTag website. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Go to the Fastag issuer for your vehicle’s official website.
  • Check your Fastag account balance by logging into your account and looking for the option.
  • To find out more about initial payments, consult the Fastag account statement.

Utilizing a mobile application, check the FASTag balance

Downloading the Fastag app from the Play Store or App Store allows you to instantly check your Fastag balance on your smartphone without visiting the company’s website, checking your SMS, or accessing your email.

  • Install the FASTag mobile app on your device.
  • After logging into the app, fill out all the fields.
  • After then, check the data on your FASTag balance.

SMS-based FASTag Balance Checking

Simply search for the SMS that was provided to you with your most recent toll tax deduction if you don’t have access to the internet. This SMS includes facts on the current balance and details about the most recent toll payment.

  • In the SMS inbox on your phone, enter the registered number.
  • A notification of the deduction should be in your email.

Utilize Email Notifications to Check FASTag Balance

Like SMS, NHAI will email your registered ID anytime a toll fee is withdrawn from the FASTag wallet.

  • Go to the inbox of the email account you registered.
  • For the most recent FASTag deduction email, check your mailbox.
  • The FASTag balance may be found in the email’s body.

FASTag Customer Care Helpline Number for Checking FASTag Balance

You may check your Fastag balance by calling the toll-free number +91-8884333331. Your registered mobile phone, accessible 24/7, just needs to place a missed call to this number. You will receive a notice with the current Fastag balance immediately after the call is missed.

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