How To Check EE Balance

Everything Everywhere is the abbreviation for the name of a British wireless service provider, EE. It is a division of the BT Group, which acquired it in January 2016; Hatfield, England serves as its present headquarters.

With more than 26.4 million customers, it is currently the biggest mobile network operator in the United Kingdom. The company is renowned for operating the biggest 4G network in the nation, which covers 99 percent of the population. Due to the extensive publicity, many customers will likely want to know how to manage their EE accounts and find out their EE balance.

Here is the three processes to Check EE Balance:

To check the balance on an EE SIM card, text or SMS.

The most straightforward approach to check your EE balance using this first technique is to send a text message (SMS). Any cell phone can be used for this strategy.

To find out your EE balance, text “BALANCE” to 150 from your EE mobile device.

In a few seconds, you will get a text message.

It will provide all of the details about your EE balance, including phone minutes, data balance, SMS balance, and the duration of your EE balance. You are not charged if you send an SMS to check your EE balance multiple times.

Checking My Balance with the My EE App

This technique for checking your balance on the EE App Good internet connections is necessary for EE. To obtain information about your EE balance via the EE app, follow the procedures listed below.

  • Install and launch the EE app.
  • Use your name, email address, and password to sign up or log in.
  • The Dashboard will provide your EE balance information, including data, calling, and texting, as well as their validity, after a successful login.
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Note: You can get the link to the app’s download by text message as well. Simply send the word “APP” through text message to 150 from your EE phone.

EE Balance Checking My Online Account

Using the official website My Account to check your EE balance online is another option. This method can be used by those who do not want to download and keep the EE app on their phones. You must first register for an account in order to use My Account in EE. The steps listed below can be used to access your EE balance check information through EE My Account:

  • From the home page of the official website, choose “EE&Me.”
  • After that, click View My EE Account.
  • When the login dashboard appears, you must enter your credentials to continue.
  • After logging in, use the left-hand menu to browse the various sections of My Account.

At the top of the screen, you can see your current EE balance, credit balance, current package, and validity/expiration date. A specific quantity of call minutes, text messages, and internet data are included in each bundle. The dashboard is divided into three sections: one for minutes on the phone, one for texts, and one for data.


Everything Everywhere is referred to as EE. The British own and operate this mobile network operator and internet service provider. Additionally, it offers data bundles. It is well-known for its 3G, 4G, and most recently, 5G networks.

They also sell tablets and mobile devices with 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. Amazing coverage is provided. 99% of the population in the UK can access its largest 4G network. Additionally, EE offers extras like broadband, Apple Music, and BT Sport.

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The best network provider is EE. For those who love the internet, it is a very fantastic network. They offer a fantastic approach to get in touch with your loved ones. Your relationships won’t be a concern for you anymore. Their packaging is excellent as well.


Question: Where Can I Find My EE Balance?

Answer: You can check your EE balance account information for free by texting “BALANCE” to 150 from an EE phone.

Question: How to View EE & ER Balance on a Different Phone

Answer: If you have the PF registered mobile number on you, you can check your employee and employer PF share from any phone. If not, you can check your ee & er balance on the EPF passbook portal by downloading your most recent PF passbook.

Question: Can my EE and ER balance be transferred to my new PF account?

Answer: On the UAN member portal, you can transfer booth EE and ER shares online. When you move jobs, you can transfer any remaining funds from your old employer’s PF account to your new employer’s PF account.

Question: Can We Withdraw EE and ER Balance?

Answer: You may withdraw both the employer and employee halves of your PF contributions. These sums may be withdrawn in two different ways. If you’re still employed, you can ask for a PF advance by completing Form 31, and if you’ve quit your employment, you can withdraw your entire PF balance by submitting Form 19.

Depending on the reason for the PF advance, you may be able to withdraw a certain amount of the advance. In contrast, if you quit your job, you can withdraw your whole PF balance two months following your final day of employment.

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