How to Check BSNL Balance

You could be unsure of the remaining amount on your BSNL SIM or SIM card. For receiving various information and services from the network provider, most network operators often supply some USSD codes. These codes are unique to each network.

The USSD codes operating on a particular mobile network must be understood to use some services or receive relevant information. How to quickly check the balance on your BSNL SIM card is provided here.


How to Use BSNL Balance Check Numbers to Check Your Prepaid Main Balance?

Simply dial *123# on the calling app to check the main balance from any BSNL phone. Your balance will be automatically retrieved using the USSD code. Your BSNL prepaid principal balance can also be obtained by dialing *112# and adhering to the instructions on the screen.

The corporation also offers an SMS alternative for BSNL balance checks. To find out how much money is left on a customer’s phone, simply text “BAL” to 123. Customers can also download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and sign in with the OTP. After that, using the app, you can quickly check your main balance.

How to Check BSNL Data Balance Using Numbers or BSNL Enquiry Codes?

You may also check your data balance with your BSNL number by using the USSD codes for the BSNL balance check:

  • Dial *123*6# or *123*10# to check the remaining 2G or 3G data amount.
  • Additionally, BSNL has a meager 4G coverage area. By dialing *124#, users of the BSNL 4G network can check for data.
  • To check your BSNL net balance, dial *124*2#.
  • Additionally, call *112# to view the data balance.
  • To check the night data balance, dial *123*8#.
  • One can view the specifics of the data balance by visiting the application.
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How to Verify a BSNL Prepaid SIM Card’s Validity

Simply dial *123*1# to verify a prepaid SIM card’s validity. This will show your current balance and the specifics of your BSNL prepaid number’s validity. The software allows you to check how long your BSNL mobile number will be active.

USSD Codes for Checking a BSNL SMS Pack’s Balance

To check the SMS pack balance with the telecom provider, you may also utilize USSD codes. Simply dial the following digits to learn your SMS balance as of today:

  • *123*1#
  • *123*5#
  • *125#
  • *123*2#

How Can I Check a BSNL Prepaid Plan’s Status?

The company offers some USSD codes available if you need clarification on the active prepaid plan for your prepaid number. By dialing the USSD codes provided below, users can get more information about the BSNL active prepaid plan.

  • *102#
  • *124*8#
  • *124*5#

How to Recharge Your BSNL Number Using a USSD Code?

For those unaware, you can also recharge via USSD codes with the state-owned operator. The business offers the option of using USSD codes to recharge a top-up scratch card. You can also perform additional tasks and recharge other people’s phones.

The process is comparatively simple. Callers must first press 2 after dialing *124#. Scratch Card Refill and Third Party Recharge are the two choices. There are two ways to recharge your BSNL prepaid number.

What are the best prepaid BSNL recharge options for inactive GP 2 customers?

There are two prepaid plans that BSNL offers for GP2 or inactive users. These programs allow customers to activate their inactive BSNL prepaid numbers. The specifics are as follows:

  • STV-139: The initial plan costs Rs 139, is the STV-139. The bundle offers 2GB of data per day and has a 28-day validity period. Additionally, it offers unlimited voice calls on local, STD, and national roaming networks, including Mumbai and Delhi circles, along with 100 SMS a day.
  • PV-1199: The cost to recharge a BSNL plan voucher is Rs 1,199. The pack is now offered in the Andhra Pradesh circle and has a 365-day validity term. Unlimited phone calls on local, STD, and long-distance networks, as well as calls to and from Delhi and Mumbai, are included in the plan. 24GB of data and 100 SMS per day are also included.
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