How to automatically decline meetings in google calendar

Even while you are not in your workplace, the globe continues to revolve. You will continue to receive emails and meeting invitations from your coworkers and collaborators. Rejecting meetings that are scheduled outside of business hours automatically is one approach to keep your calendar clear. 

That’s also a great way to avoid knowledge overload when you get back to work. With new capabilities that may automatically deny meeting invites that occur outside of the user’s typical working hours or during vacation time, Google Calendar is making it simpler for professionals to disconnect from work. To set up Google Calendar to automatically refuse meetings, follow the instructions below.

According to the report, Google Calendar can already guess your working hours based on your prior scheduling habits and timezone. You may now adjust those times as necessary and make each day unique by doing what follows:

  • Choose the Settings button on the Calendar’s home page.
  • To access the “working hours” option, scroll down.
  • Make sure “working hours” is enabled.
  • You may then choose particular days and times from there.

Users may now select a time when they will be out of the office thanks to a new Google update. The calendar grid will display the out-of-office tab to let readers know the person is unavailable that day. Users can also customize the default decline message. To do this, take the following actions:

  • As per usual, create an event.
  • Decided to be “out of the office.”
  • Set a decline message after that.

You must specify your absence from the workplace in Google Calendar in order for it to automatically refuse meetings. Remember that only premium G-Suite Google accounts have access to this function.

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How to Reject Meetings in Google Calendar on Android

  1. Launch the Google Calendar program.
  2. Choosing the Create button.
  3. Create your out-of-office times by visiting Out of Office.
  4. Edit the message and decline settings.
  5. Restore the modifications.
  6. By the way, you may utilize the event frequency option to plan to repeat out-of-office activities.

How to Reject Meetings in Google Calendar on a Computer

Google Calendar will let people know if they try to plan appointments with you after hours that you are unavailable. Press the Add button to add more than one work period. To remove past work periods, click Remove.

  1. Get Google Calendar open.
  2. Access Settings.
  3. Move to General next.
  4. Choose your work hours.
  5. Check the box next to “Enable working hours.”
  6. Schedule your work hours and days.
  7. Restore the modifications.

You may better manage your time by allowing Google Calendar to automatically refuse meetings that fall outside of business hours. As for when you’re available and out of the workplace, you may establish firm boundaries.


Enable working hours or out-of-office times in Google Calendar to have meetings automatically declined. A notice will appear on your screen letting people know you are unavailable if they try to schedule a meeting with you outside of business hours.