How to activate DND in airtel

With millions of users, the Indian telecom sector is enormous. By joining a mobile network, you may communicate with your personal, social, and professional contacts. To sell their goods and services, telemarketing businesses employ networks and phone lines to contact customers in a tacky manner.

They could also saturate their inboxes with marketing correspondence. Such telemarketing calls and texts can be bothersome and upsetting. As an Airtel client, you can register your number with the DND (Do Not Disturb) registry if this occurs.


Bharti Airtel Limited is one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies. Through a global network, they offer ICT services in the USA, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, India, and SAARC regions. Its corporate headquarters are in New India.

One of the top 3 global suppliers of mobile services is Airtel Telecommunications (as per subscribers)

Through its diverse product portfolio, strategically located submarine cables and satellite networks that span 365,000+ RKMs across 50 countries and 5 continents, they are pushing the boundaries in digital service delivery with a key focus on improving end-user experience, ensuring round-the-clock infrastructure availability, and providing superior service quality.

The story of Airtel began with a straightforward idea. It’s also a fairly straightforward response.  As a result, Airtel, the number one friend network, launched its business in 2010 with the same guiding principle of enjoying life to the fullest while spending time with friends, both online and off.

Airtel has always encouraged the young of Bangladesh to grow and flourish as individuals by exposing them to essential activities, progressive ideas, and a colorful horizon of pleasure. The kids have been able to connect, creating the largest network of friends, thanks to the robust network and affordable offerings.

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What is DND

The TRAI regulates DND Do Not Disturb to guarantee that everyone can activate DND and block those annoying adverts. You may easily activate a DND number and go about your daily activities. You won’t be disturbed by phone calls anymore.

The best option is to block that specific phone number, and almost every smartphone has this feature if you are tired of getting random spam calls from telemarketers, promoters, etc., to advertise or sell their products. However, if you get many of these calls, blocking every single number can become a hassle and will never be sufficient. Do Not Disturb services (DND), which allow users to block and end all telemarketing calls simultaneously, are now required to be provided by telecom service providers in India by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

Customers of Airtel can choose not to receive marketing messages for services offered by third parties by using the Do-Not-Disturb service. This is a feature of the service:

  • Customers of Airtel can choose not to receive promotional SMS messages by using the entirely blocked mode.
  • Customers can select the precise promotional messages they want to receive while using partial block mode. Unselected categories are blocked.

How to enable DND online on an Airtel phone number

To fast enable DND on Airtel, adhere to the following steps:

  • Go to Airtel’s website’s DND page.
  • Select the Airtel Mobile Services link in the large red square by clicking the Click here button.
  • Put your Airtel number here.
  • Click get the one-time password
  • Input the OTP that appears as an SMS on your phone.
  • Click Stop All on the following display.
  • Click Submit
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How to call or send an SMS to activate DND on an Airtel number

You may immediately enable DND on Airtel by making a call or sending an SMS, thanks to TRAI. You must take the actions listed below.

  • Call 1909 and adhere to the IVR directions. This will make DND active.
  • To enable complete DND on your Airtel phone, SMS START 0 to 1909.

DND Compliant Registration for Airtel

You can file a complaint against someone if you are enrolled for DND and get advertising SMS or calls. Visit Airtel at Complaint.jsp?path=0/30 to register as compliant.

Regardless of the telco, it takes around a week for DND to take effect on your phone number, after which you will receive less calls and texts from telecom providers.

How to turn on DND

A user can carry out the following DND actions through SMS:

  • Watch Status
  • Turn on full blocking
  • Turn on partial blocking.
  • Refuse to use DND
  • To learn more, just SMS “HELP” to the shortcode 2442.
  • Text STOP to 2442 for Full DND.
  • Text ALLOW to 2442 to get all messages.
  • Text STATUS to 2442 to verify the status of DND.

DND Text

Any of the following parameters to 2442 for partial DND text: –

  • Text 1: For Banking, Insurance, and Financial Products
  • Text 2: Property
  • Text 3: Education
  • Text 4: Health
  • Text 5: Receiving consumer items and vehicles
  • Text 6: IT, Entertainment, Broadcasting, and Communications
  • Text 7: Travel & Recreation
  • Text 8: Athletic
  • Text 9: Theolog
  • Text 9a: Christianity
  • Text 9b: Islam
  • Text 9c: Other
  • Text 10: Details on New Goods and Services
  • Text 11: Breaking News
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