How do you schedule focus time?

Do you ever feel that the chores on your to-do list are more than what you have finished? Your to-do list grows, and it seems there is never enough time to focus on them and advance.

You may be hopping from meeting to meeting and wasting the half-hour pauses between them. Or perhaps the deluge of Slack alerts is making you feel unfocused. Whatever the reason, you probably feel you don’t have enough time to do the tasks that need your full attention.

For your most crucial jobs, you require more excellent Focus Time or uninterrupted working time. This manual will explain the concept of Focus Time, demonstrate how it affects output, efficiency, and income, and teach you how to increase it.

What is Focus Time?

Focus Time is a period of uninterrupted work lasting at least two hours. It’s a period just for working on a task or project and giving it your total concentration. Focus Time is a time management technique designed to reduce unnecessary noise and outside distractions so you can produce your best work.

Why interruptions are such a killer of productivity

Distractions are not only common, but they also undermine productivity. Your productive time may be lost for as much as 40% of the time you spend switching between projects, even for short periods. This is brought on by a condition known as “attention residue.” According to research, switching activities makes it difficult to return to the level of productivity you had before being stopped.

The issue with interruptions is that it typically takes 25 minutes and 26 seconds to resume where you left off. It is 23 minutes, according to other research. In any case, it’s simple to understand how a workday might fly by while our to-do list remains unchanged from when we started the day. ‍

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The value of Focus Time

Cal Newport and Nir Eyal, two productivity experts, claim that unbroken blocks of time that are at least two hours long are necessary for doing meaningful, valuable work. The switching expenses associated with chunks under two hours are unnecessary.

Newport discovered that, on average, 5:25 hours per day were spent in intense work after studying the profiles of 25 renowned productive and creative individuals. In Deep Work, Newport contends that most people have around four hours of deep work in them daily. Newport puts in two to three hours of effort each day. Most employees complete most of their important work during such Focus Time intervals.

Schedule focus time wiṣth MyAnalytics

Log in to your MyAnalytics account first. On the vertical menu, select “focus” by finding it there. You may specify your attention period by deciding how many concentration hours you wish to set. To arrange this time, use the wizard. You set out how that time will be scheduled into your calendar once you start following this concentration plan.

MyAnalytics allows you to personalize your preferences so that it will book according to the booking preferences you have selected. The number of focus time hours you choose to arrange each day is up to you. Additionally, you may decide whether you want to focus during the morning or the afternoon. Finally, you have the choice of accepting or disabling chat notification sounds.

The time will be blacked out on your calendar as concentrate time once you have chosen one of these alternatives. Your calendar’s concentration time blocks will immediately change your status in Microsoft Teams to “focused.” According to this presence status, other people should not bother you right now. To guarantee that you receive critical communications from the chosen few during concentrate time, you may create priority contacts in Teams.

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Your calendar will now show the focus time as an appointment. Like other appointments on the calendar, the concentration-time may be modified or canceled. If you wish to modify the timing, just drag the event to a different spot on the calendar. To cancel an event, you may also remove it from the calendar.

Focus time on Microsoft Teams

Office 365 offers extra tools to keep you focused when you create your focus time and add it to your calendar. Teams automatically set your status to “Focusing” and “do not disturb”. This is crucial because your standing in Teams affects two crucial processes.

First, it signals to coworkers who might want to message you on Teams that they shouldn’t bother you. Second, the status turns off any notifications that might otherwise annoy you. You can avoid pointless distractions by doing one of these two things.

In case your coworkers miss the message from your “do not disturb” status, teams also provide another function. If someone tries to contact you in chat when you are trying to concentrate, you can arrange an automated message to go out. Go to the Teams app to write a status message that will appear automatically when someone attempts to message you while trying to concentrate.

To explore your options, click “set status message” next to your profile photo at the top of Teams. In the box, type the message you want others to see. The message will automatically display anytime someone messages you or mentions you in Teams if you want to “Display when people message me.”

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