Houses are being sold in this city for only 75 rupees! Crowds have gathered to buy

New Delhi – The Corona epidemic has caused house prices to plummet in many parts of the world. For this reason, flats and houses are ready for sale at half price. For the time being, such an incident has come to light from Italy, which will make you aware. In some countries, local administrations introduced a scheme to sell old houses for one dollar or one euro, subject to certain conditions.

Take this case as an example. According to a report, an Australian man living in Britain bought a small house in Mussolini, Sicily, Italy for just one euro (85 rupees). Buyers flocked to the place to settle. Although the man has to leave the place now, as per the conditions he has to renovate that old house within three years, but the man has not got labor for the renovation for a long time.

Danny McCabe bought a house in the town of Musomeli, in the province of Caltanisseta in Sicily. Musomeli is claimed to have been founded by Manfredo III Chiramente in the 14th century under the name ‘Manfredi’. Currently, the ‘Case 1 Euro’ project has been launched for the settlement of foreigners in this place. Under this project, McCubin bought a house here for one euro (about 85 rupees).

McCabe lived in Britain for 17 years before owning in Italy. Just a year after buying the house, they still can’t find workers for the renovation, as Italy has been suffering from a labor crisis across the country for the past few months. As a result, McCubin had to sell the property. He said builders could not be found to renovate the house. Over time the condition of the house tends to get worse.

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