Home Remedies to Reduce Breast Pain During Menstrual Period

Mumbai: Many women experience severe pain in the breasts during their period or menstruation every month. But sometimes, seeing breast tightening, pain and swelling, many women doubt whether it is a sign of breast cancer. There are many other things besides hormonal changes that can cause very intense pain in the breast. If you have severe breast pain during your period, try home remedies

Castor oil Massage your breasts lightly by mixing castor oil very well with olive oil. It will definitely give you rest.

Ice pack
Take some ice on a very clean cloth, then place it well on the breast. This will reduce the pain a lot because the narrow arteries of the blood will open completely.

Excessive use of fennel will reduce both inflammation and pain. You can eat it as tea. Boil a little fennel in 1 cup of water and strain it.

Flax seeds
Flax seeds must be included in your daily diet. Playing these reduces the pain a lot.

Green leafy vegetables
Broccoli and spinach reduce estrogen levels in the body and it greatly reduces breast pain.

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