Here’s how you can ‘Dil Khol Ke Bolo’ on your own podcast in less than 1 hour

Every single day, tens of thousands of podcasts are listened to by about 400 million people worldwide, and that number is steadily rising. It is reasonable to argue that podcasting is the future of content production given the growth of the creator economy.

Consequently, now is the ideal time to launch your own podcast! It’s also simpler than you may imagine. You only require a smartphone, Anchor by Spotify, and your initial big idea. In actuality, making one takes less than an hour, believe it or not. Who knows how? Start your podcasting career with the help of the user-friendly tutorial below.

How to start podcast

Idea: List your top five concepts.

Anything may inspire an idea. While bathing, shaving, traveling, or even while you are dozing off. Keep a notebook or note-taking app nearby. Write out your top five discussion topics. Now rank them according to what your ideal listener would be interested in. Choose the best option out of five. Consider it later. Make a list of the topics and subtopics you want to cover.

Make: Anchor Makes It Easier Using Spotify

A profile is necessary for podcasting. Download the Anchor app for Android or sign up at Anchor here (apple). On a PC, a mobile device, or an iPad, you may download Anchor. All of the devices will have your profile synchronized. Additionally, if you like podcasting on a PC and plan to have a few speakers on the show, you may get a decent mic while you’re at it. Your portable speaker, however, already performs admirably. Nothing was spent.

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Write: Have the anchor push your first episode.

The app’s user interface is quite intuitive, making it mostly self-explanatory. On Anchor, setting up a profile and writing your first episode is really simple. You may record and embed the app’s opening trailer page later on. The X at the top of the screen should be clicked. You may access the episode builder from there. Tap the purple plus sign to access tools from the episode builder. It will bring up an icon for the recording. Once finished, you may use all the editing features, including trimming and background music addition.

There is a 60-minute time limit on recording in the app. The episode builder allows you to add several sessions that you have recorded. They’ll play throughout the episode in a smooth stream. For transitions during the presentation, you can also include “interludes” in addition to background music. Through the app, listeners’ direct voice messages may be added to the recording. When you are finished, click Publish! Greetings on your debut podcast.

Put more effort into creativity rather than logistics

The following are all the resources offered by Anchor by Spotify to fuel any podcast in just one hour:

  1. You may record voice and/or video, organize your segments, add transitions, sync them across all platforms, and host an infinite number of episodes for free thanks to its built-in recording tools. To blend music and talk in your audio and podcast with numerous persons, you may include entire Spotify tracks.
  2. Knowing your audience well is a crucial component of podcasting, but many would-be podcasters hesitate to take the plunge on their own because they see the area as being difficult. Utilizing analytics from all platforms as well as unique information like episode dropoff and listener demographics, Anchor by Spotify assists you in improving your content. You may gain insightful information about your listeners by using these engagement insights. You will be able to identify, for example, where listeners are losing interest so you can structure your podcast around the most successful episodes.
  3. In order to monetize your work, the platform also allows you the chance to unlock sponsorships through feature audio advertising that you can select to position wherever in your podcast. Additionally, the one-step distribution makes it simple and quick for your content to reach a broader audience.
  4. Now even you can Dil Khol Ke Bolo thanks to limitless hosting utilizing simple creation tools, simplified distribution, performance & analytics assistance, and the ability to monetize. With your own podcast, amplify your own voice and discuss the topics that actually matter to you.
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Find Your Audience, Connect, and Grow with Connect

Bring up the recorded episodes on Spotify. Share with your relatives and close friends. Tell your WhatsApp tale about it. Share the podcast link on your social media platforms and embed the URL on your blog or website. To increase the number of listeners to your podcast, you might even make a teaser.

Make some money by monetizing

Producing content becomes a full-time job and depletes your resources. You can make money using subscription models on Spotify. Here is a quick setup procedure for the Spotify subscription model. The subscription model’s biggest feature is that, through 2023, you, the creator, will keep 100 percent of all profits.