Here are 10 signs of your physical constitution to tell you whether you can get rich or not

Here are 10 signs of your physical constitution to tell you whether you can get rich or not

New Delhi – Some of the signs of your physical constitution tell you if you will ever be rich. This is not said by us, but by the marine scriptures. According to oceanography, the movements and planets of the planet can be easily identified through horoscopes. This knowledge of knowing the future on the basis of physical appearance is called oceanography. It’s like a kind of face reading.

1. According to marine scriptures, those who have wide chest, long nose and deep navel, get a lot of success at a young age. These people have no shortage of money and most of these people invest in property.

2. Those who have ankush, kundal or chakra mark on the soles of their feet, become a good ruler, big businessman, officer or politician.

3. Those who have sesame seeds in the middle of the palm of their hand are very rich and respected in the society. On the other hand, those who have marks like sesame, moon or vehicle on the soles of their feet, they get happiness of many types of vehicles. Such people travel to many countries.

4. Women who make idols like sesame, flag, fish, harp, chakra or lotus in the middle of the palm of their left hand are considered to be equal to Lakshmi. According to Bharana, such women accumulate wealth and happiness wherever they go. On the other hand, men who have marks like fish, ankush or harp on their hands or feet, gain money and prestige in a short time.

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5. Women or men who have marks like lotus, arrow, chariot or throne on their feet, they get the opportunity to build land for life.

6. Men who have more hair on their chest are considered satisfied. Although these people do not have much money, lack of money does not stop their work.

7. Those who have 6 fingers in their hands, such people are very rich in terms of fortune. Such people are also honest and hardworking. At the same time, those who have sesame seeds on their forehead and right cheek, their financial position is very strong.

8. If there is a sign of hi on the thumb, then that person is rich. If the finger festivals are long, the person is lucky and gains longevity. The hand lines of rich people are clean and deep while those who are suffering from lack of money have very light hand lines.

9. The person who has special lines like Capricorn, flag, cell and temple symbol in his hand, is very rich. If the hand has lines like chakra, sword, farsa, tomar, shakti, ghanush and spear, then the person is holding a high position in the army or police.

10. Those who have the symbol of a terrace, a temple or a triangle in their hands are naturally pious. Thick lines at the base of the thumb are considered as boys and fine lines are considered as girls. Note that all the auspicious signs that turn into Raj Yoga are on the left side of women and on the right side of men.

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