Hapoors Shivangi achieves 177th ranking in UPSC, harasses in-laws, prepares to return home

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UPSC Top News: Shivangi Goel, a resident of Palkhuwa, Hapoor, has made a name for himself and the entire district by securing his 177th ranking in the UPSC. But their journey to success has been difficult. Shivangi is married. He also has a daughter. She got tired of her in-laws’ harassment, and moved in with her parents. His divorce case is also pending.

The result of hard work

“I want to give a message to these married women in the community,” Shivangi said. They should not be afraid if something goes wrong with the in-laws. Show them that you can stand on your own two feet. Women can do anything. “If you read well,” said Shivangi Goel, remembering his experience. If you work hard you can become an IAS.

My childhood dream was to become an IAS officer.

She said she wanted to become an IAS officer before marriage. Tried twice, but failed both times. Then she got married. She returned home with her 7-year-old daughter after being abused at home by her in-laws. Shivangi said: ‘Dad asked you to do what you want. I thought why not prepare for UPSC again. She said she has been dreaming about this day since childhood. After hard work and dedication, the day finally came.

The credit for the success goes to the parents and the daughter.

She credits the success of her parents and daughter Raina. Shivangi’s father Rajesh Goel is a businessman. His mother is a housewife. Shivangi Goel said that when she went to school, the principal asked her to prepare for UPSC. Ever since then, he has dreamed of becoming an IAS officer. He studied himself to pass the UPSC. His subject was sociology.

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