Gyanvapi case today: The hearing of Gyanvapi Srinagar Gori case will continue on Wednesday. Demands for removal of debris and wall-like structure wall in the cellars, survey of fish in sealed warehouse and safe transfer will be heard on May 18. Earlier, the court had given two more days to the Advocate Commissioner to submit a report on the proceedings. Civil Judge (Senior Division) Ravi Kumar Devakar on Tuesday granted the time while hearing the appeal of Special Counsel Commissioner Vishal Singh. At the same time, Ajay Kumar Mishra was removed from the post of Advocate Commissioner for not discharging his official duties properly. Now the responsibility of presenting the report has been given to Special Advocate Commissioner Vishal Singh.

The hearing will be held today at Mehr Wajokhana, Hawz Machli: District Government Advocate (Civil) Mahendra Prasad Pandey filed a petition in the court that during the survey proceedings, the disputed place and nine fake doors were sealed and the keys were deposited in the treasury. The sealed pond inside the compound is filled with water containing some fish. The closure of the compound has endangered the lives of the fish. Instruct them to move in such a situation. There is also a pipeline and faucet all around the sealed area. It is used for performing ablutions. The pipeline must be separated from the sealed area. There is no other way to enter the toilet. Orders should be issued on these points after receiving the report of the Advocate Commissioner. The court also fixed May 18 for hearing on the petition.

Draftmen of VDA are preparing the map: The court had fixed May 17 for submission of report on the action taken by the Advocate Commissioner at Gyanwapi Campus. Citing non-preparation of the report, Special Advocate Commissioner Vishal Singh filed a petition on Tuesday seeking two days time from the court. He said that the operation was carried out from May 14 to May 16 at 10.10 am. During this time, a survey of Shringar Gauri and Masjid was conducted. The complex is huge and all the points have to be taken care of, so preparing a report can take time. He told the court that two draftsmen of the Varanasi Development Authority (VDA) have been given the responsibility of mapping the entire complex. Map not received from them. This is an important part of the report. The court accepted it and gave two days to file the report.

Allegations of non-cooperation against Ajay Mishra: During the hearing, Vishal Singh alleged that Ajay Kumar Mishra and Ajay Pratap Singh did not fully cooperate during the proceedings of the Advocate Commissioner. Ajay Kumar Mishra was not interested. So the court should clarify who will file the report? Advocate Abhay Nath Yadav, appearing for the mosque, also alleged that photographer RP Singh, who was with the Advocate Commissioner, informed the media and the public about the proceedings, while the court issued a statement to everyone. Was forbidden to give. Taking this seriously, Civil Judge (Senior Division) Ravi Kumar Devakar removed Advocate Commissioner Ajay Kumar Mishra from his post. According to PTI, Ajay Mishra said that the photographer I had hired betrayed me, what can I do about it.

Demanding survey by removing basement debris and wall: In the Gyanwapi Srinagar Gauri case, plaintiffs Rekha Pathak, Manju Vyas, Sita Saho’s advocate Sudhir Tripathi said that there was a door in the wall of the mosque premises where Shivling was found during the action of Advocate Commissioner on May 16. Its east side. It is lined with bricks, stones and cement. Debris is lying on the edge of Nandi’s mouth. A wall has been erected to the north of it and the shelving has been covered with cement. It was also said that inside the barricade, the door of the western wall was closed with brick and stone cement. He demanded that the wall and debris be removed and a report be sought on the length, width and height of the chewing gum.