Shatrughan Sharma, Ahmedabad. Patidar leader Naresh Patel arrived in Delhi on Monday amid a desire to get involved in politics. Three Patidar Congress MLAs also threatened to go to Delhi after him. The Congress is trying to bring Naresh Patel with it before Rahul Gandhi’s meeting in Gujarat on Tuesday, while the BJP is not sitting idly by.

It is difficult to say at this time what will be the fate of Naresh Patel, the Patidar leader of Gujarat and chief trustee of Khodaldham, but the Congress, which has categorically rejected electoral strategist Prashant Kishore, is still full of hope for Naresh Patel. On Monday, Naresh Patel left Rajkot for Delhi, although there is talk of his departure from Delhi to Varanasi, but three Congress MLAs Lalit Vasuya, Lalit Kagthara and Pratap Dudhat also reached Delhi. It is believed that these MLAs will act as mediators between the Congress High Command and Naresh Patel to bring them into the Congress. Prashant Kishore had become another link between the Congress and Naresh Patel, but now that he is away from the party, Naresh himself is engaged in talks. According to sources, the Congress has offered Naresh Patel to be the chairman of the election campaign committee, but the Congress will not announce the face of the chief minister. BJP leaders are also in touch with Naresh Patel, wanting Naresh Bhai to join BJP if he wants to enter politics.

Meanwhile, Shweta Brahm Bhatt, who contested from Mani Nagar Ahmedabad on a Congress ticket in 2017, tendered her resignation to Congress Acting President Sonia Gandhi. Shweta said that there is chaos in the party and anything can happen with 360 degree change but party leaders are not ready for it at all. On the other hand, Dr. Raghu Sharma, in-charge of Gujarat Congress, has said that if BJP wants to get more MLAs from them, then Congress will win these seats again. The Burmese seat is not the MLA’s seat but the Congress’ traditional seat. Even after he joins the BJP, the Congress will win it again.