Gujarat girl’s marriage controversy, 24-year-old girl’s marriage in Gujarat is under controversy these days. In fact, a 24-year-old girl from Vadodara has announced that she will marry herself in the temple. People used to think it was just sensational news but now the BJP has also jumped into the fray. Sunita Shukla, deputy chief of the BJP’s city unit in Vadodara, has reacted strongly to the decision of 24-year-old Kashma Bandu to marry her on June 11. “If their marriage is taking place in a temple, we cannot allow them to do so,” said Sunita Shukla. Sunita Shukla said that such a marriage in a temple is against the principles of Hinduism.

The BJP leader said, “I am against the place of marriage.”

BJP leader Sunita Shukla said, “I am against the choice of wedding venue. They will not be allowed to marry themselves in any temple.” Such marriages are against the Hindu religion. This will reduce the population of Hindus. If something is said against religion, then no law will prevail.

The wedding on June 11 will be neither dizzy nor rainy

In fact, this marriage has become a topic of discussion in Vadodara these days. Kashma Bandu will tie the knot with her on June 11 and the wedding will include everything from ‘Phera’ and wedding mantas to honeymoon in Goa, but they will have no groom or ‘barat’. According to reports, it has been decided to get married in the presence of a Hindu priest at the Hari Harishwar Mahadev Temple in Vadodara. On the other hand, BJP female leader Sunita Shukla said that the apology was mentally ill.

Know who is the place of forgiveness

Kashma Bandu, who lives in Vadodara, has a degree in sociology and is currently working as an HR officer in a private company. Her parents are both engineers. His father is in South Africa and his mother lives in Ahmedabad. While most girls dream of a groom coming on a horse and taking them with them, Kashma finds her groom inside her. She loves herself so much that she does not want to marry anyone else and that is why she has decided to marry herself.