Hardik Patel resigns from Congress All is not well in Gujarat Congress. Congress leader Hardik Patel, who has been embroiled in a long-running infighting in the Congress party, today announced his resignation from all party posts. Hardik Patel himself tweeted this information. Hardik Patel has tweeted that today I am resigning from the post of Congress party and basic membership of the party with courage. I am sure that my decision will be welcomed by all my colleagues and the people of Gujarat. I am sure that after this step of mine, I will be able to do really positive things for Gujarat in the future.

Hit the target with the chicken sandwich

Strongly attacking the senior leadership of the Congress, Hardik Patel in his letter said that the senior leaders of the Congress in Gujarat are far from the problems of the state. “I am saddened that hundreds of workers like me travel 500-600 kms daily in their cars at their own expense to check on the welfare of the people but some Gujarat Congress leaders are worried about this,” he said. Did you get chicken sandwich from Delhi on time or not? According to sources, Hardik Patel has hinted that he may join the BJP but has not yet said anything explicitly.

The Congress party has been under pressure for a long time.

Hardik Patel was angry at his disrespect in the Gujarat Congress and has spoken openly about it many times. He even tried to raise his voice to the Congress High Command. Despite this, he was not invited to many important meetings of the Gujarat Congress. Hardik Patel, the working president of the Gujarat Congress, who kept his distance from the Congress’ Adepur camp, had started putting pressure on the party. Hardik had demanded that if Patidar leader Naresh Patel joins the Congress, his resentment would go away, but there is confusion in the Congress on the condition of Naresh Patel joining the party.

According to sources, former Union Minister Bharat Singh Solanki’s faction was in touch with Naresh Patel, Chief Trustee of Khuddaldham and was trying its best to bring him in the Congress, but talks on a key post in the Congress could not succeed.

Political Equality of Hardik Patel and Naresh Patel

In fact, in the last Assembly elections, former Chief Minister Shankar Singh Vaghila had made it a condition before the Congress that he be made the Chief Ministerial candidate or Chairman of the Campaign Committee, but the Congress did not comply and Vaghila eventually left the Congress. . In such a situation, Naresh Patel also had an eye on these two posts. In such a situation, Hardik Patel wanted to strengthen his presence in the Patidar vote bank by making himself the chairman of the election campaign committee and making Naresh Patel the chief ministerial candidate, but the Congress is not agreeing with this. The traditional vote bank of the Congress in Gujarat is believed to be OBC, Adivasi, so the Congress party was not prepared to take such a risk to persuade the Patidar vote bank.