Google Docs, Slides, Sheets Will Now Offer Improved Notifications When Editing Incompatible Microsoft Office Files

You can monitor the information in your Google Sheets with the Alerts & Notifications add-on! Create unique jobs based on filter criteria to receive automated notifications by email, slack, google chat, or teams. The add-on processes Google Form responses immediately upon submission or does regular time-based tasks to evaluate your sheet data. You can get adaptable notifications by creating filter rules and adding dynamic material to your alerts. Additionally, the add-on facilitates creating Google TasksTM and transmitting data through http service requests. You may automatically highlight your sheet’s contents, edit cell values, copy sheet data, rearrange rows, or remove rows.

A production quality suite must accept Microsoft Office files, and Google’s Workspace products have done this for years with features like collaborative editing and cloud-based auto-saving. But because various programs have varied feature sets, it’s realistic to assume that consumers will periodically have compatibility issues. Thanks to increased compatibility error alerts for Office-formatted files, Docs is ready to alert you to potential problems like these.

Microsoft Notification

Microsoft’s Office files haven’t always been the most compatible file formats when using Google’s Workspace products like Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Fortunately, Google alerts users when they start working on a document with compatibility problems, so they can choose whether to continue editing it regardless of the dangers. The rollout of the functionality is now being done gradually, and it might take up to 15 days for consumers to get it. To be clear, there has always been an incompatibility indicator. However, Google has now enhanced the alerts users will receive while editing a document, spreadsheet, or slide presentation.

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In Docs, this is displayed by a blue box next to the file name with a triangle compatibility error warning sign and the extension given in the indication itself, such as “.DOC” or “.DOCX.” The file will be shown below, but clicking the blue box will reveal any compatibility issues, along with a button to fix them or a link to further information. Users still have the option to undo changes by visiting “Version History” and reverting the file to an earlier version if they want to disregard the warning and continue working on the file. However, as a result of better alerts, you may now do this by just touching on the same blue box as a Restore button is now present there as well.

The alerts are functional across all Workspace applications, including Sheets and Slides in addition to Docs. Server-side updates are being implemented for all account types, including old G Suite primary and corporate users and users with personal accounts. Recall that Google recently overhauled its Workspace applications by optimizing them to function better on larger displays, such as tablets. Now, users can drag and drop text or photos from programs like Chrome or Sheets into an open page. Users may also use standard keyboard keys to cut, copy, and paste files into Workspace programs and simultaneously open several Drive windows.