Good Friday: Today is Good Friday, find out its history and significance

Good Friday: Today is Good Friday, find out its history and significance

New Delhi – Today is Good Friday. Today is celebrated in remembrance of the Lord Jesus Christ. A special prayer meeting was held at the church on Good Friday. This festival is celebrated all over the world. This festival is also remembered as the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus. Believers in Christianity begin special preparations 40 days before Good Friday. 40 days later, the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus is remembered in churches and churches.

In addition to Good Friday, this day is also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday and Black Friday. On this day the Lord Jesus was crucified. Due to which the followers fasted for 40 days and went to church on this day to pray. Which falls on the Friday before Easter Sunday and is celebrated as part of the Pashal Tridum and often coincides with the Jewish Passover.

8 words of Jesus
The Lord’s hands and feet were nailed. Was hung on the cross for 6 hours. At this time the Lord Jesus made 7 promises. – First – Father forgive them because they do not know what they are doing? – Second – I’m telling you the truth that today you will be with me in heaven. – Third – Look, woman, this is your son, then he said to the disciple, this is your mother. O my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? -Fifth, I am thirsty.

According to the Bible, the Lord Jesus was crucified at nine o’clock on Friday morning and was laid to rest before sunset on the same day. At that time the Lord Jesus was only 33 years old. When the Lord was crucified, one robber was crucified on his left and one on his right, and he too was killed.

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