Gyanwapi mosque case: The hearing in the Gyanwapi mosque case was completed in Allahabad High Court on Tuesday. The two sides discussed the issue of changing the court commissioner for about two hours. Further hearings will continue on Wednesday. The judge hearing the case also said that he would go there himself if needed. Let me tell you that a hearing is underway on the petition to change the court commissioner who did the videography in the Gyanwapi Mosque case in Varanasi. The Muslim side asked for a week to respond to the Hindu side’s objection. It was rejected. During the hearing, the plaintiffs filed a fresh petition seeking removal of those who prevented them from entering the mosque.

Let me tell you that the Hindu and Muslim parties are face to face regarding the survey in Gyanwapi Mosque. The team reached the mosque for two days for the survey but the survey could not be conducted. The Hindu side alleged that there were many people inside the mosque who did not allow the survey to take place properly. At the same time, the Muslim side said that an attempt was being made to damage the walls of the mosque in the name of survey. The Muslim side has also accused Court Commissioner Ajay Mishra of acting in a biased manner. Now the matter has reached the court. Further survey will be conducted only after the order of the court.

Meanwhile, the Hindu side has put forward a new demand. It said the DM should be instructed to open the basement locks and allow videography inside the basement. He believes that there are many Hindu idols in the basement. Earlier on Monday, Rakhi Singh’s Shyam Gowda, one of the five prominent women petitioners, made it clear that Rakhi would not withdraw her case. Rakhi Singh’s lawyer Shyam Gowda said that Rakhi Singh would not withdraw his case and would lead the case as counsel for the Central Plaintiff.