Game over box office day 4: The game is on, Tapasi’s film is doing well

Game Over Box Office Day 4: Monday’s earnings are higher than Friday’s, which is a good sign.
Game over box office day 4: The game is on, Tapasi's film is doing well

Tapsi Pannu’s film ‘Game Over’, which was released on Friday, earned more on Monday than on the first day. Experts think that even if they get one crore rupees on the first day, it is much more. On the first day it got 97 lakh rupees. Revenue doubled on Saturday to Rs 1.94 crore. Sunday was even better, it paid Rs 2.48 crore. Now on Monday it got Rs 1.14 crore. As a result, the total income has been 6.09 crore.

The revenue has been generated in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Most of the money is coming from Hindi releases. Those who saw the film in Hindi paid Rs 2.48 crore. This is a great situation. If it stays in theaters for two weeks, it will pay off. This film can only run on its own praise. The content is good, people are appreciative. After earning ten crore rupees, profit will be earned. The trailer was released a few days ago. This trailer of about 2 minutes 14 seconds is scary. In this full trailer full of horror and thriller, Tapsi will be seen stunned, upset and crying. Tapasi is seen playing a video game at the beginning of the trailer. In the next scene, he is seen opening the door of a dark room. Looking at the trailer, it seems that Tapasi is scared in the dark and in the next scene, she is seen meeting the doctor. In the name of this disease, doctors say, it weakens us mentally and physically. Meanwhile, news comes that a murderer of the girls is roaming around Gurgaon, who mercilessly burns them.

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The film is co-produced by Anurag Kashyap, Why Not Studio and Reliance Entertainment. The film is directed by Ashwin Saravanan. It has been released simultaneously in three languages. It has been dubbed in Hindi.

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