Find out what is vaginal dryness, its symptoms, causes and remedies

Find out what is vaginal dryness, its symptoms, causes and remedies

Mumbai: Vaginal dryness is also known as vaginal atrophy or atrophic vaginitis. It is a common but annoying condition that women experience at some point in their lives. Vaginal dryness can cause embarrassment and anxiety. It is believed that about 80% of women experience vaginal dryness at some point in their lives due to hormonal changes. The problem of vaginal dryness is thought to occur only when the vaginal tissues are not well lubricated and healthy.

There can be many reasons for vaginal dryness such as low hormone levels, breastfeeding, disease or any medication. But menopause is considered to be the main cause. It is believed that this problem is more common in women between the ages of 51 and 60 after menopause. Treatment of this problem is possible only after knowing the symptoms of this problem. You have been told this problem is very common. Therefore, if you think that you are the only victim of this problem then you are wrong because you are not alone in this.

If you do not feel inferior about dry vagina, it will help you to get well soon and get proper treatment. This will bring back confidence in sex life. Which will also help you to take a step towards quality in life. Find out the cause of vaginal dryness? Be sure to get information on how it is treated.

What are the symptoms of vaginal dryness-
It is very important to know the symptoms beforehand. If you are able to know the symptoms at the right time, the treatment will be equally fast. Vaginal dryness can have many symptoms, such as:

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– Vaginal burning, itching, swelling, bleeding and dryness. Itching damages the skin around the vagina, burns and increases itching.

– If there is burning and injured vagina, then instability is also common.

– Pain during sexual intercourse.

– Due to infection. You may feel discharge with infection. If you think you have an infection, you need to consult a doctor immediately.

– Some women may have some problems besides the above symptoms. In such cases, if there is any problem related to the vagina, consult a doctor immediately.

Find out the cause of vaginal dryness-
In most cases, low levels of the hormone estrogen cause vaginal dryness. There may be the following reasons for this.

– Menopause is the main cause of vaginal dryness. It is thought that this problem may increase with age. This problem also makes the vagina thinner and less elastic.

– Most women experience this problem after delivery and even after breastfeeding.

Chemotherapy or radiation can also cause this.

– Surgical removal of the ovaries can also cause this problem.

– Anti-estrogen drugs used to treat uterine fibroids or endometriosis are also considered as vaginal dryness (cause of dry vagina).

– Soaps, health products, paints, detergents, perfumes, etc. This can also be a problem. Many women complain that they have allergies to soaps, detergents, etc. This allergy causes dry vagina. However, allergen-causing particles can also occur in towels and underwear.

– Emotional and psychological factors such as anxiety or stress affect sexual desire. They can cause vaginal dryness. This is because it does not cause normal lubrication in the vagina. Not only that, when a woman is anxious, the effect of blood is not good and it can also cause dry vagina.

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Diagnosis of vaginal dryness –
Talk to your doctor only when you feel discomfort, burning and itching in the vagina. To diagnose dry vagina, your doctor may ask you about health problems and symptoms. In addition, they want to know what things increase or decrease vaginal dryness and the problems that result from it. Next, the doctor will examine the pelvis and vagina to see if there is redness or any other problem in the vagina. So, the cause of dry vagina is known. Which includes vaginal and urinary tract infections. Your Pap test can also be done. Doctors can also take cells from your vagina or cervix for Pap tests.

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