Fighting with cancer, Sonali’s husband shared this information

Sonali’s husband shared his wife’s condition on Twitter.
Fighting with cancer, Sonali's husband shared this information

Sonali Bendre revealed on her Instagram and Twitter handle last month that she is battling cancer. This time Sonali’s husband informed about his wife’s condition on Twitter.

Goldie writes, ‘Thank you for supporting Sonali … her health is stable and she is receiving treatment without any problems. It’s a long way from where we started to become positive.

Earlier, Sonali had posted a picture with her son and also wrote an emotional letter. He wrote, ‘About 12 years 11 months 8 days ago when it was born, it reigned in my heart. When Big C (Cancer) raised his head, the big problem in front of us was how and what to say to him. We not only wanted to protect him but also to keep him informed. We have always been honest with her and decided to stay the same. He took the news very seriously and immediately became a source of courage and positivity. Now on many occasions we feel that he tells my parents and me what to do. Now I think it is very important to introduce children to such situations. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. We did the opposite, trying to save them from suffering and the reality of life. Ranbir is on summer vacation and I am spending time with him. His fun and madness put a power in me and filled me with positivity. We really are each other’s strengths.

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Please note that Sonali is currently receiving medical treatment in New York. In the words of beloved author Isabel Allende, she wrote a few days ago, “We do not really know how strong we are until we are forced to bring out our hidden strengths.” Humans are truly amazing in terms of their ability to survive. I am overwhelmed by the love I have received in the last few days. I am especially grateful to all the people who are sending me stories of fighting cancer, be it you or any member of the family. I get tremendous strength and courage from your experience, I also get information that I am not alone. Every day a new challenge and a new victory. The only thing I am trying to do at the moment is to maintain a positive attitude. Sharing this journey with you is also a part of me. I can only hope that everything will not be lost, it will remind you that somewhere someone will understand what you are going through. ,

In the words of my beloved author Isabel Allende, “We do not know how strong we are until we are forced to bring that hidden power to the fore. People do amazing things in times of tragedy, war, need. The love of man for survival and renewal is great. “The love I have received over the last few days has been overwhelming… and I am especially grateful to those of you who have shared your experiences of dealing with cancer, be it your own or your loved ones’. Gave an extra dose of courage, and more importantly, the knowledge that I am not alone. Each day brings its own challenges and victories and so for now, I am taking this #OneDayAtATime. Literally #SwitchOnTheSunshine – this is my way of dealing. Sharing my journey is also a part of this process … I can only hope that it will remind you that everything is not lost and that someone, somewhere, understands what you are going through.

A post shared by Sonali Bendre (amsiamsonalibendre) is on

Sonali also shared a video of her new haircut.

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Sonali wrote earlier ..

Sonali wrote on her Twitter account, “Sometimes life brings you to a stage you never thought possible. I was diagnosed with high-grade cancer that I had no idea about. Because of the slight pain, some tests were done and this unexpected information was found. My friends and family are all around, there is nothing more helpful than this support. I am grateful to everyone for that. In order to deal with such a situation, it is necessary to come to the scene of an immediate attack. So I am currently in New York for treatment And I am ready to fight this war. I am ready to go to any lengths to fight this war, knowing full well that my friends and my family are with me.

A spokeswoman for Sonali said in a statement that she had been diagnosed with high-grade cancer, which had spread to other parts of the body. When it happened, he didn’t even realize it. She had only a minor ache. After which her family and friends are with her during this time of grief and they are taking good care of her.

He has been away from films for many years but has been seen on TV from time to time. He is married to producer Goldie Behl. Sonali Bendre is one of the most successful Bollywood actresses. He now rarely works and plays a judge on TV shows. He has worked with many great actors like Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan. Bollywood Sonali, wife of director Goldie Behl, had a cameo in 2013 Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobara. He will do something for love, Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai, Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hai, Major Sahab, Diljale and Duplicate. He has acted in many films. On the small screen, he is also a judge in the new season of India’s best drummer.

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The news spread like wildfire on social media. People on Twitter are wishing him a speedy recovery. Fans are advising him to stay tough. Sonali is known for films like “Sarfarosh”, “Hum Saath-Saath Hai” and “Lajja”. The Bachchan family is very close to him. Sonali is always present at this family party. Her husband Goldie and Abhishek Bachchan are also close friends.

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