Mathura’s Royal Eidgah Mosque: Amid controversy over Varanasi’s Gyanwapi Mosque, another petition has been filed in the court regarding Mathura’s Royal Eidgah Mosque. The petition demanded that Hindus be allowed inside the Royal Eidgah Mosque for worship and sanctity. Here the worship of Lord Ludo is demanded. A group of lawyers and law students has also filed a petition in a local court seeking a ban on Muslims praying in the mosque of the royal Eidgah. Let me tell you, petitions have been filed in various courts of Mathura regarding the 13.37 acre complex of Shahi Eidgah Mosque adjacent to Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi and the whole matter. The Allahabad High Court has directed that all the petitions be heard simultaneously and a decision be pronounced within four months.

Earlier, in a suit filed in the civil court in the Shri Krishna Janmasthan case, the petitioner had on Tuesday sought sealing of the royal mosque Eidgah and appointment of a special security officer there. In a petition filed before the court, he expressed fears that the evidence would be removed from the central area of ​​the royal mosque after a shawl was found in the Gyanwapi complex in Varanasi. The next hearing is set for July 1.

Petitioner’s counsel Mahendra Pratap Singh has argued in the court for removing the Royal Mosque Eidgah located in Shri Krishna Janam Bhoomi Complex and handing over the entire land to Shri Krishna Janam Bhoomi Trust. The trial is set to begin on July 1. On Tuesday, he filed a petition in the matter, saying the survey at the Gyanwapi campus in Varanasi had found chewing gum. The main area of ​​the royal mosque Eidgah in Mathura is the original mausoleum of Lord Krishna. The monuments here are symbols like lotus, sheesh nag, um, swastika etc. Some of them have been deleted, while others are seeking the removal of the Shahi Masjid Eidgah Committee and the Uttar Pradesh Sunni Central Waqf Board. Therefore, the central area of ​​the royal mosque Eidgah has been sealed and no one has been allowed to go there. A competent officer should be posted there to protect the remains.

Another case was registered in Shri Krishna Janam Asthan case:

Another case was filed in the district court on Tuesday in the Shri Krishna birthplace case. The case was filed by Supreme Court Advocate Ranjan Kumar Rai, Lucknow High Court Advocate Shailendra Singh, Ankit Tiwari, Varun Kumar Mishra, Lucknow Resident Law Student Apasna Singh, Sadhna Singh, Neelam Singh, Doya Naranjan, Ankita Singh and Anushka Singh. What is it. It has been claimed that the so-called royal mosque Eidgah in Shri Krishna’s birthplace complex is not actually a mosque. Prayers cannot be offered in a disputed place. There should be land for mosque committee or waqf board. Not all of these principles are being followed here. After its removal, the entire land should be handed over to Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Trust. The case was heard in the court of Additional District Judge Ashtam Sanjay Chaudhry in the absence of the district judge. The next hearing is set for May 25. Ten suits and one appeal have been filed so far in the Shri Krishna birthplace case. The court will decide on May 19 on the appeal of advocate Ranjana Agnihotri whether the appeal is admissible or not.