Fatima broke the silence about her relationship with Aamir Khan, calling these two special

Annoyed by the news, Fatima finally broke the silence by responding to the report.
Fatima broke the silence about her relationship with Aamir Khan, calling these two special

Mumbai, Aamir Khan and Wrestling Girl Fatima Sana Sheikh’s relationship news is coming again and again. Although the two stars did not say anything about it, Fatima broke the silence on the issue. When Fatima was asked about her closeness to Amir in an interview, she said it was very strange.

Such news is disturbing

Nowadays a lot of news is coming about the relationship between Aamir Khan and Fatima. Annoyed by this, Fatema finally broke the silence by reacting to these reports. Fatema said, ‘I find the matter very strange. Once my mother was watching TV at home. Then he told me, your picture is coming on TV. I was very upset to see this news. The way the news was run was very wrong. At first I didn’t understand anything, then I thought a lot. If someone spreads such false news about you, what will be your reaction? But now I do not respond to it.

Both are special to me

Fatima said in an interview, ‘No matter what you do, people will talk about you. People’s job is just to talk and they will talk. However, now I have decided that I will not be affected by all these things. We tell you that besides Aamir Khan, Fatima’s name has been associated with Bollywood actor Evil Shakti Khurana. Evil has played the role of his brother in the movie ‘Dangal’. Fatima added that these two people are very special to me. I have no connection with them.

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