Wheat export ban: The central government on Tuesday relaxed its ban on wheat exports. He said that shipments awaiting customs clearance would be allowed to be exported. The decision follows a May 13 decision to ban the sale of foodstuffs abroad. In a statement today, the government said, “Whose consignments have been handed over to customs. Registered in the system before May 13. They will be allowed out.

Traders will get some relief.

This move will bring some relief to these traders. After the ban on their export, a large consignment of wheat got stuck in Indian ports. Banning foreign sales, the central government said, “The sudden rise in wheat prices has raised food security concerns in India and neighboring countries.” Wheat prices are rising after the Ukraine war affected nearly a third of world exports.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry said

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry said, “It has been decided that wherever the shipment of wheat has been handed over to the customs for inspection, it is registered in their system on or before May 13. Export of such consignments Will be allowed

Permission to export 61500 tons of wheat

The center also said it had authorized the export of 61,500 tonnes of wheat to Egypt, of which about 44,340 metric tonnes had already been loaded. It should be noted that Egypt, one of the largest importers of wheat from the Black Sea region, had turned to India due to the Ukraine-Russia war.