Excluding Shah Rukh from Forbes list, Khan’s name is not at the top

Shah Rukh Khan was a permanent member of this list every year.
Excluding Shah Rukh from Forbes list, Khan's name is not at the top

Shah Rukh Khan has been dropped from the list of 100 highest paid celebrities in the world compiled by Forbes this year. This time not a single Khan was at the top in India. Akshay Kumar is ranked 76th in the list behind Indian celebrities. Salman Khan is behind Akshay at number 72. This time American boxer Floyd Mayweather is at the top of the list.

Shah Rukh Khan was a permanent member of the list every year, last year he was ranked 65th with an income of $ 38 million. According to Forbes, Akshay Kumar has earned 40.5 million this year.

Written for Akshay Kumar, ‘Based on the character fighting the problems of the society, Akshay Kumar has signed deals with about 20 brands, including names like Tata and Evaredi. He has changed his image with pictures like “Toilet is a love story” and “Pad Man”.

At number two on this list is George Clooney. Its revenue is estimated at 285 million. Kylie Jenner is in third place. The list then includes footballer Ronaldo, pop star Katy Perry, tennis player Roger Federer and singer Beyonce.

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