Emotional Akshay Kumar Breaks Silence On Hera Pheri 3, Reveals He Backed Out Due To Creative Differences: “Mujhe Bhi Bahut Dukh Ho Raha Hai”

The moment Akshay Kumar left Hera Pheri 3 shattered every Bollywood fan’s heart. The chemistry between Suniel Shetty, Paresh Rawal, and Akki made the comedy classic. The franchise started in 2000, but due to the dialogue’s current relevance, its memes have gone viral worldwide! Fans are unhappy that Kartik Aaryan will now fill Raju’s shoes, which is unfortunate.


Paresh Rawal only recently announced Akshay’s departure on his Twitter account. In response to a user’s question, he said that the rumors about Kartik Aaryan appearing in the third installment are accurate. The phrase “No Akshay Kumar, No Hera Pheri” soon became popular on Twitter.

Along with Ram Charan, Akshay Kumar attended today’s Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. Speaking on the contentious subject for the first time, he declared, “Hera Phera has been a part of me, and I have positive recollections of it. Itne saalon se woh film bani nahi matlab uske aage ka part 3 mujhe bhi dukh hota hai. (I am also disappointed that the third part of this movie has yet to be produced.) We must take everything apart. We need to begin thinking differently.

In a rare occurrence, Akshay Kumar explained why he left Hera Pheri 3. He admitted, “I was notified about the film and offered it. But I wasn’t happy or satisfied with the script, the screenplay, or anything else. I backed out and took a step back because I had to do what the crowd wanted to see. It plays a significant role in my identity, journey, and existence. Bahut dukh mujhe bhi ho raha hai. I am also really disturbed. Main khud bhi bahut dukhi hun iss baat se ki main kar nahi paa raha hun. I’m not happy with how things have turned out. Therefore, I’m quite disappointed that I won’t be doing it. That is why I pulled back.”

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Not only that, but Akki also broke down in tears and thanked his supporters for pressing for his comeback as Raju.

‘No Raju No Hera Pheri,’ mai dekh raha tha, kal hi ki baat hai. I am hurt just as much as they are. It’s a terrible situation, but thank you very much, unhone is baat ko trend karaya. Unki pagal pan ki intehaan toh bohot upar tak hai, mai bata nahi sakta, mere fans jo hai wo Wo log bohot pyaar karte hai. I’m sorry I won’t be performing Hera Pheri, Akshay Kumar said in closing.

The actual reason Akshay Kumar left Hera Pheri

An insider who knows the situation has revealed why Akshay Kumar abruptly decided to leave the venerable Hera Pheri film franchise. Spoiler alert: the reason was financial.

“Firoz was eager to restart the Hera Pheri business and intended to do it right away. Kartik is a popular franchise for Akshay Kumar franchises following the success of Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, thus he was negotiating Hera Pheri 3 with both Kartik and Akshay.

“Through the talks, Akshay Kumar claimed Rs 90 crores as his fees plus some part of the profit as his salary for Hera Pheri 3, but Kartik Aaryan was prepared to do it for Rs 30 crores,” the source continued. Working with Kartik Aaryan would be more profitable for Firoz than working with Akshay when he took the two potential casting calls to the satellite and digital players. The two actors had a salary gap of close to 60 crores. Akshay received much more money for the movie than Kartik, but only by 15 crores.

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The insider said, “Akshay declined since he believed the franchise benefited from his presence. After numerous sessions, the discussions came to a standstill since they needed to progress in the correct direction. That served as the death toll. T

he producer of Hera Pheri 3 is ready to bring the film back to life after signing a contract with Kartik Aaryan. In Firoz’s opinion, Kartik is the ideal choice to play Raju. Kartik’s appearance has been considered throughout the whole writing process.

According to rumors, “Hera Pheri 3 justifies a young Raju’s participation. The Hera Pheri franchise will benefit from solid writing. Fans are disappointed to learn that they won’t see Akshay Kumar in the third installment, regardless of whether Kartik Aaryan will be able to deliver on it.