Don’t make Priyadarshan ‘Hera Ferry 3’, he is doing his 93rd picture

Mohanlal and Priyadarshan have done 44 films together, now both are shooting their 45th photo for 100 days.
Don't make Priyadarshan 'Hera Ferry 3', he is doing his 93rd picture

There is news about ‘Hera Ferry 3’ that Priyadarshan will not handle it. Although the process of making this film started in 2015, it has not started yet. Neeraj Vora was supposed to manage it earlier, but he died a few months ago. From then on, there was talk that Priyadarshan would direct the first episode. Now the news was coming that Priyadarshan will make the film, in which case he has denied it.

Priyadarshan is currently directing his 93rd film ‘Marker’. His favorite artist Mohanlal is working on this film. We tell you that Mohanlal and Priyadarshan have done 44 pictures together. This is the 45th picture of both of them.

Priyadarshan said, ‘We are shooting on the ship. These are made in the studio. I am 72 years old, still shooting for 100 days. I think I should retire soon. But I’m not going to do it without managing my hundredth picture. Hopefully God will give me a chance to work on seven more films.

Priyadarshan himself produced ‘Harry Ferry’, but then he had a quarrel with producer Feroz Nadiadwala. Due to this he did not take part in the second episode. Earlier, it was rumored that John had been cast in the third episode. In this film, he played a dual role. Then director Neeraj Vora said about the film that John is playing a dual character and his two characters will be opposite each other. In this episode of ‘Hera Ferry’, John replaces Akshay. Abhishek Bachchan also took part in ‘Hera Ferry 3’.

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