Mumbai – Couples know about each other in a relationship. They talk openly with each other and understand their partner. Sometimes even minor disagreements work to dilute the sweetness of the relationship. But many times during a quarrel between the couple, the relationship can be ruined due to minor reasons. The fight escalated and the matter reached a breakup. The end of a relationship is often caused by boys asking questions that their girlfriends should never ask.

But, boys knowingly or unknowingly ask girls many things that can end their relationship. In that case, if you do not want to break up with your partner or prevent the relationship from breaking up, you should never ask for anything from girls.

Social media password
Nowadays almost everyone uses social media. They have social media accounts on many platforms, which contain their personal information. To protect this information, people use passwords. Giving passwords on mobile phones is also common now, but many times boys start asking for passwords for their mobile and social media accounts without caring about their girlfriends’ privacy. By doing this, your partner may feel that you do not trust them. It can also affect relationships.

Questioning money and costs
Boys should never ask for girls’ salaries, pocket money. Asking your partner about money and expenses makes them think you don’t want to spend for them or you pay more attention to their money.

Questions about marriage
Marriage can be the next step in a boy-girl love and relationship. Boys often ask their girlfriends about marriage. Your partner may want to give more time to this relationship. He wants to know you better, then he wants to make any decision about marriage because marriage is a big responsibility and a lifelong decision. But because of questions about your marriage, she begins to feel stressed and annoyed with you.

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Questions about ex or crush
Often, relationship partners want to know about their partner, especially who was in their partner’s life before them. Girls tend to ask questions about their ex, first love or crush, but your questions can make a girlfriend feel uncomfortable. Maybe their experience with the former is not good. She may not like to talk about her first love or ex. In such a situation, do not rush to ask about your girlfriend’s ex. Give them time to talk about their past.

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