Do you use other people’s things? So leave immediately, otherwise it will have a bad effect

Mumbai – Many claim things and start wearing others. Some people have a habit of using other people’s things more. However, we tell you that doing so can have a negative impact on life. At the same time, all these habits can get you in big trouble. According to ecology, these things are considered wrong. Today’s article is about this. Today we are going to tell you through this article what are the things that should never be used by others.

Use of pen
Some use pens on demand. However, we tell you that according to ecological beliefs, the use of pens can cause financial loss. In addition, some people see a negative impact on career, education.

Use shoe slippers
Often people use other people’s shoes and slippers. It is said that doing so can lead to poverty in the home. Because Saturn’s place is caught on foot. In that case, if you go out after slipping on someone else’s shoes, Saturn can have a bad effect on your life.

Use the ring
According to Bastu belief, one should not wear ring more than others. It not only destroys health but also affects life. Wearing another’s ring can also have a negative effect on one’s financial situation.

Use of the clock
Never use someone else’s watch. According to ecological beliefs, the clock is related to life. In this case, if a bad time comes in a person’s life and if you wear a watch claiming it, it can bring bad time in his life.

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