Do you know why tire color is just black?

New Delhi – The color of the tire is black. But, why is that? Have you ever thought about this? In fact the first tire was made in 1895 and it was made of rubber. The original color of the rubber was milky white, which is why the first tire was white. What’s the matter that these white tires are no longer visible?

The black color of the tires you see is due to the glass. Suits consisting of cotton yarn, known for reducing heat and prolonging the life of tires to increase durability. At present the color of tires is black because of a chemical compound called ‘carbon black’. It is used to maintain stability, to hold the tire together with other polymers.

When carbon black is mixed with rubber, it increases its strength and longevity. It draws heat from parts of the tire that get hot while driving. Carbon maintains tire quality and protects them from UV light and ozone. Black colored tires help to create good grip on the road. Not that tires of other colors can’t be made, but they won’t be as good and strong.

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