अपनी इन बातों का नहीं करना चाहिए किसी से भी जिक्र, वरना पड़ेगा पछताना!

Do not mention these things to anyone, otherwise it will be pasta!

New Delhi – The topics covered by Acharya Shukracharya include issues related to individual behavior and social welfare. According to the Venus principle, a person should always keep certain things hidden from him, otherwise revealing these things can cause great harm. Many times your reputation can be tarnished by coming in front of these.

Wealth – Money is very important for living, but it can sometimes get you into trouble. That is why it is said in sperm policy that the more the secret of money is kept, the better.

Medicine – The doctor knows your every problem and also knows your many personal matters. In that case, try not to divulge your personal information to anyone else.

Age – However, at the time when Acharya Shukra was advised not to tell everyone his age, there must have been various reasons for this. Where as at present due to cyber crime it is better to keep your date of birth, year etc. secret.

Insult – Just as one should not show respect and dignity, in the same way one should not speak of one’s own humiliation. Otherwise people may tarnish your reputation and make fun of you by referring to them in the wrong place.

Mantra – The person should keep his charity, religion and worship secret. This issue of the relationship between God and man should be kept a secret. According to the Venus principle, one should not recite the mantra given by the Guru in particular, otherwise the result of chanting that mantra is not obtained.

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