Do not ignore any changes in the body after recovery from corona

New Delhi – Despite the growing case of corona, people in India are recovering fast. Most people are experiencing mild symptoms of Covid-19. However, research shows that even after recovering from corona, people are still suffering from many diseases that can bother you. Despite the negative reports of corona, the SARS-COV-2 virus continues to have harmful effects on the human body. According to experts, those who have mild symptoms of Kovid-19. They can be affected by many diseases in the long run.

Doctors say that if there is any change in the body or any health problem, it should be taken care of. Not doing this can be fatal. Those who have recovered in the last one month in Delhi are still complaining of shortness of breath, chest pain and fatigue. There are also many patients who have to be hospitalized due to such problems some time after recovering from corona.

According to doctors, some patients returning from the hospital are still complaining of shortness of breath and chest pain after two weeks. However, his treatment is going on through telemedicine. Dr. Desh Deepak of RML Hospital says that post-covid care is just as important as covid care. He said the patient cares as much as during corona. Even after recovering from an illness, you should take care of yourself with the same care for a few weeks or months. It should never be assumed that they will have no more problems. He said that if the patient recovers from the infection, he will have a problem. Or if there is any change in the body, you should contact the doctor immediately.

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According to Jankar, it may take two to three months for a patient with severe symptoms to fully recover, and those who return after a long stay in the hospital may have a slightly slower recovery than others. The day should start with pranayama after recovery. Also, do not do anything that causes a lot of fatigue.

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