Strict rules for airline passengers: The Aviation Regulatory Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Wednesday issued strict guidelines for air passengers. This rule is specifically related to compliance with Code-19 rules. The DGCA said that if a passenger does not wear a face mask or refuses to wear a face mask despite repeated requests, he should be de-boarded. The DGCA has also issued a circular in this regard. The circular also asked airlines to ensure that everyone wears a mask while traveling. Airport operators can also enlist the help of local police and security agencies if a passenger does not comply with repeated warnings. Not only that, the DGCA has also suggested imposing fines on those who refuse to wear face masks.

The Delhi High Court also issued a stern order.

The circular issued by the DGCA indicates an attempt to comply with the order of the Delhi High Court. On June 3, the Delhi High Court had ordered that if any passenger did not follow the Corona guidelines, strict action should be taken against him. The Delhi High Court has ordered stern action against those who were negligent in dealing with the Corona epidemic, saying that in addition to registering an FIR, fines should also be imposed on those who violate Corona-related laws. In addition, such people should be included in the ‘No Fly’ list.

Since then, the DGCA has issued a fresh circular. It is also talking about taking action against the airlines. The guidelines clearly state that if airlines fail to ensure that all people wear masks during the journey, necessary action will be taken against them. By the way, the DGCA has said that in exceptional circumstances, the removal of the face mask may be allowed.